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SnapTube Apk

Do you use to watch videos often on different sources? Then there might be a certain video you liked it the most and want to save it to your collection then that is where you start to have issues because the video portals do not want you to download them and watch them on your smartphone or PC or use their business would go down.


These big time video portal players seek for opportunities for you to come back and HD quality videos like no other can place can offer and they want you to be stuck with them and keep coming back to their portals. That is how they generate business for themselves and also provide you HD quality music, videos, and laws providing unknown faces an opportunity to present their talent on the site, which is fabulous.

These portals have helped many across the globe, and the transformation of the generation has rapidly crossed what somebody would estimate in the past, It is not an easy journey if you want to download your favorite movie or video or music video from these portals as they have taken care of those who provide it.

If you know how to Google then, you can browse across many sites who are offering download your favorite videos from sources like Youtube, Dailymotion, and many other sources. Now you have to find those websites and services where you can download the videos from Youtube and other popular sites, it isn’t that easy as you presume because most of them will ask you to install toolbars, or they ask you to drop your email to download, some of them are even looking forward to making more cash out of your need by adding more pop up ADS. It is annoying that you have to go to those sites to download your favorite music video from popular video portals.

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So we present you one of the popular apps which has been serving many users for almost one year now. If you have a smartphone and you want to download videos from Youtube, and other popular video portals then you can use an app called Snaptube the downloads of the app has crossed over a million, the app is fantastic and the easiest way to download the Youtube videos app.

But you can download the app, and many have said that the reason why the app has been rejected because it is not safe and the Snaptube has malware in it to steal information and invade the privacy of the users but that is not true.

However, the reason why not many people do not know is because the app is not available on the Google Play Store as the app violates the policy of the Google and another reason ort it could be the only reason why the app has been rejected because the app is all about download videos from Youtube (Which is a Google website, and Google hate those who spoil their business.).

Google owns Play Store and the policies so they can rule the Snaptube app because snaptube can damage the Youtube business and cause them huge revenue from the ADS, which is something the Youtube Inc do not want to happen late, so SnapTube is not available on Play Store.

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So SnapTube Is Safe?

Yes, of course. The app has been made by legit developers to make the video easy to download, and the app is malware and another virus free.

However, make sure to keep in mind that we have used the app personally before we have reviewed it here but we are not promoting the app and the security of the app. In case, if you are downloading the app then make sure to keep this in mind that we are not responsible and cannot be held accounted for any foul play.

SnapTube App: Download Snaptubes App APK for Free

How to Download and Install SnapTube APK

Now that you are ready and convinced to download the app then you are ready to go. First, you need to download snaptube apk from the official app. Also dont miss Mobogenie APK.

Note: Do not download the app from the unknown sources.

  • Open your browser and visit the official site to download the app.
  • Once you land on the place you can notice that there are two huge buttons, which indicates you to download the original version and beta version.
  • Make sure to choose an Original version.
  • Once you hit download, you will be redirect to the download page,
  • wait for 10 sec and the file starts downloading.
  • Once the download is finish, follow the next steps.

Note: In case if you face any issues then go back to the main page and you can TAP on the download button, so that the download starts again.

  • Now that you have the file downloaded,
  • Go to settings > Security > Unknown Sources – Tap on it. (Since the app is non-market.)
  • Now it’s time for you to open the downloaded location and install the app.
  • If the install fails, repeat the process of installation or download the fresh version.

Download Music and Videos from YouTube with SnapTube APK

Incase, if you are wondering what are the icons for, then let me tell you how you can download using the app and which sites you can download.

  • Youtube,
  • facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • Soundcloud,
  • Great Apps,
  • DailyMotion,
  • Twitter,
  • Fresh Videoz,
  • Vimeo,
  • Vuclip,
  • HD Video,
  • Vine,
  • Funny or Die,
  • Vid me,
  • LiveLeak,
  • and Songs Lelo.

How SnapTube Apk Works?

When you hit the icon of your choice “Youtube”, it will take you to the site using your default browser and opens up the mobile version of the site and you just have to type in the video name, then you can simply hit on Watch then hit on download button to continue to download.

You can watch the video on Snaptube or your default video player.

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