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What is dofollow and nofollow links? Understanding the Meanings and Features of Each

It can be a very good practice to make use of the nofollow link attributes of a link especially when you don’t want to pass the link juice, it is equally important to make use of Dofollow links because they allow all search engines, including Google to follow such links in order to reach your website within the shortest period of time. If the webmaster links directly back to you with both Dofollow and Nofollow links, you will be followed by both search engines as well as web visitors.

When Search engine optimization is being discussed, there are numerous words mentioned, these include the Meta robots, Nofollow, and Noindex. All these words or terms do possess great importance when it comes to the implementation of quality SEO strategies. Newbies who want to implement different SEO strategies, need to understand the meaning and importance of the Dofollow and Nofollow links in order to become successful. To check how much links your site have, you can simply click on the following link:

What is “Nofollow” Attribute?

The Nofollow attribute is an HTML attribute that is mostly used in the instruction of search engine bots, which certain hyperlinks must not be allow to influence target ranking of a link, within the search engine index. The Nofollow attribute is normally intended to reduce the effectiveness of some types of spams in search engines hence the quality of search engine results can be improved greatly and at the same time “spam indexing” is  prevented from occurring. The concept of Nofollow attribute was first introduced and used by two famous SEO experts- Jason Shellen and Matt Cutts, in the year 2005 and it remains relevant until this day.

In summary, the Nofollow link attribute will not allow the search engine bots to follow a link, and this simply means, if a website is linking directly back to yours with a Nofollow link attribute, it will never pass on the link juice. This also means that only website visitors will be able to follow such links. Many years back, search engines like Google reported that they do not consider the Nofollow link attributes because the importance or weight of such attributes are much less. It makes some sense to make use of the Nofollow attribute especially when you don’t want to pass on the link juice to a website that is building links from your website.

What is the Dofollow link?

The Dofollow link will allow all search engines, including Google to follow them in order to reach your blog or website. The Dofollow link is desirable because it gives search engines and websites both the backlinks as and the link juice and that also means that both search engines as well as human visitors will be able to follow you. If you want to give someone the Dofollow link, all you need to do is to allow the keyword located inside the anchor text, and that means when you are linking to a web page, the targeted keyword can be automatically used in the anchor text.

It should be noted that all hyperlinks are Dofollow by default, hence you don’t require any form of action in other to make a link Dofollow. In terms of distribution and linking of pages, search engines such as Google has decided to count the Nofollow link as outgoing link however, this Nofollow link will still depend on where it is placed , for instance, a Nofollow link placed at the bottom of a page will have the least impact. You can check your site backlink profile and see how many links are Nofollow and Dofollow by clicking on

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