5 Things to Know Before You Purchase an Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are really exciting gadgets to have around. They not only get you from point A to point B just a little faster, but they are REALLY fun! Finding the right scooter, whether it’s for yourself or for a gift, can be a little intimidating.

There are so many brands to choose from, but it doesn’t have to be tedious! There are a few things you should definitely know before you make this purchase. Here are five things you should know before you buy an electric scooter!


Power is a huge option nowadays. Electric scooters can run off of a battery for range of time depending upon the voltage in the battery. Knowing what sort of power your scooter will have behind it is really important!

You need to know how long the battery life will last, you need to know the voltage, and you should know exactly which brand of battery comes with the scooter. Battery life is significant because if you are purchasing this scooter to get you to and from work, or for your child to get to school, you need to know whether or not there’s enough juice to get you to and fro!

Voltage is important for charging the battery. This can help you determine how long it will take for the battery to recharge after it is depleted. Let’s say you go to school from the comfort of your home, but have things planned with friends in a few hours, but the batter on your scooter is dead. You need to know how long it takes your battery to charge! Understanding voltage is also important to know where you need to plug in the battery, or if you need a more powerful charging solution.

Knowing the brand of battery for your electric scooter is also integral to learn before you get your wallet out. Here you can do a little product research to know how well the battery performs, if there are product issues, or if there has been any sort of recall, etc. Fully comprehending all the components of your electric scooter isn’t exactly necessary, but knowing how it is powered, how long it will stay powered, and what brand does the powering IS necessary.

Weight and Age Limitations

Safety should always be a concern when operating a vehicle of any kind. Whether it’s a car, a bus, or an electric scooter. Companies create weight and age limitations for a wide variety of reasons.

  • Covering Their Assets. Safety regulations, like an age limit, are made so that companies can provide a bit of a safety net not only for their customers, but for themselves as well. No one wants to get sued because a random buyer let their toddler ride on a scooter and they got hurt. Make sure you are aware of the age limits and weight requirements, because the company sure is!
  • Function. When it comes to things like weight requirements or limitations, it is extremely important to stick to the recommended numbers. Having too much weight on a product like an electric scooter can lead to malfunction, broken parts, or even the destruction of your scooter altogether!
  • FUN-damentals. Age and weight limits are also good to know because of the fun factor! If you purchase a scooter, but are too heavy for it to function properly, you’re not only out an electric ride, but you’re into a lot of negative feelings. It’s also important to understand that a five-year-old may not even be capable of RIDING the scooter to begin with, not to mention understanding how much FUN it is!

It is vitally important to know the age limits and weight limits of an electric scooter for a sense of safety, proper function, and appreciating the fun! Some of the best electric scooters mean hours and hours of fun, so know the limitations so you can really enjoy that time!

Motor and Brakes

Knowing all the moving parts in your electric scooter may not be a requirement, but knowing the kind of engine your electric scooter has is crucial before you make your final purchase. Familiarizing yourself with the brake system is also a key element to know before you choose your scooter.

With a motor, you will learn how fast the scooter is able to go. That way you can choose a safe speed for your child, or get the most speed for every penny! Being familiar with the brakes is also imperative because you will need to know exactly how they work, as well as how well they stand up to higher speeds. You don’t want a small hand break with a 20 mile per hour motor!

Acquaint yourself with both the motor and the brakes before making your final decision to purchase an electric scooter. So you can move from worrying about who your child may be talking to on social media, and focus more on their outside time! You’ll feel so much more comfortable knowing how fast it CAN go, and how to stop it!


Price is a huge factor for a lot of people. No matter whether you’re running a tight ship and can’t spend a lot, or if you have pretty loose budget constraints, knowing the cost beforehand will be a significant advantage.

Price points can also help you save up for an electric scooter if it is something you really want! Price will vary depending upon brand, style, and quality. Make sure you know all about the power, limitations, and motor and break systems before you settle with a price. That way you are not only familiar with the scooter, but can value the electric scooter’s WORTH based on all those components!


There isn’t one type of scooter on the market. They are as diverse and as colorful as you can imagine! From vintages style seated electric scooters, to balancing electric scooter boards, knowing the style you want will be REALLY helpful!

Style can mean a lot of different things. Here are just some of the points to look for when it comes to the style you want in your electric scooter!

  • Composition. Do you want a scooter with a seat? Standing only? Do you want a low-pro seater scooter? Find out what design of electric scooter you would like, and you can make more style choices from there.
  • Accessories. After you know the design that you would like for your electric scooter, you can start to think about any accessories. Being aware of whether you want silicone grips, wider tires, or some sweet accent lights are all going to be a big part of your electric scooter’s style.
  • Color. Of course, talking about style, you should really know what color you want your electric scooter to be. Color impacts design and how you purchase things more than you think! Bright pink, neon green, matte black, and on for infinity of colors!

Style is important to know before you purchase an electric scooter because it will impact the price, the motor and brake components, and so much more!

Before You Scoot!

The five most important things to know before buying an electric scooter will help you find the scooter of your dreams faster than you think! Get to know your style, your price points, limitations, and parts and power, and you’ll have put together an electric scooter wish list. From there, it’s as simple as point, click, scoot!

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