Students Can Manage Their Time Better with These 6 Productivity Apps


The world is migrating rapidly to a place where students are actual business owners, startup founders who are juggling between work and school, and where anyone with set goals needs to mine time better as a resource.

If you are working on a time-bound assignment such as a dissertation or an important group project, there is a need to keep track of what you do at a specific time, and how much time you spend on each task.

These six tech tools will help students and freelancers keep track of time and manage it better, ultimately getting more accomplished. Please note that some of these apps may have premium access.


If you are looking for super-efficiency, it means you need to account for every minute of your time. Timely is an AI-driven app that logs your computer drive and records the tasks that you perform and the amount of time that you spend on each task.

Timely requires that you give the app memory-tracking permissions once the widget launches. Thus, some tasks might not be tracked in the absence of these permissions.

The great thing about Timely is the fact that the process is passive on the user, meaning the app needs little input from you. It provides detailed stats on the processes you were actually working on, allowing you to seal time leakages.


If you’re looking for a great app built for freelance teams, Toggl is what you need. It can be synced across various platforms and devices. Like Timely, Toggl is a great app because you can actually log what you are doing manually on the dashboard, with the app keeping its own log of the amount of time you spend on that and related tasks under its project nest.

Student project teams and collaborating freelancers will find great use in Toggl as it even provides budget apportioning features for projects, and shows you milestones achieved in a report.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar may not be the ideal app for students and freelancers who need a more detailed and automatic record of the tasks they do on their computers. However, it has a clear interface and is quite easy to use. The best part about it is the fact that the Google Suite is available on such a huge variety of devices.

But one still needs to enter significant detail onto the actual app dashboard for Google to track and sync activities. It also requires a Google account, which means all your data is open to the giant search engine. Google Calendar is able to compress your weekly, monthly, and yearly views into highlights.


Evernote is the practical tech equivalent of a diary and is one of the most widely-used freemium apps for both students and freelancers. You can take notes anywhere, and the app organizes them seamlessly into tasks that you can scroll through.

You can keep track of everything, create notes and to-do lists, and, most importantly, set reminders. It also has integrations with different file types, such as attachments for PDFs and screenshots. Evernote also syncs across all your mobile and desktop devices seamlessly.

With Evernote premium, you can access greater project management tools, such as sharing with individuals who may be part of your project team. For example, if a paper writing service provides you with an online writer, you could share notes of your assignment, such as references and key points with the writer through an Evernote account.


This one is a favorite as it is built for Android, which many people use. Memorigi lets you create to-do lists and tasks and provides you with calendars and reminders as an output. You can log tasks for the entire day, week, or month and view them later. You can also do this remotely and on the go, right on your phone.

For students, this comes in handy when you are scheduling study time for important exams or lessons you wouldn’t want to miss.

This app has a simple interface, and you can choose between different views. You can also color-code various tasks and set alarms. But it won’t be as detailed as producing reports or tracking your activities.


Todoist is one of the best time management apps for students and freelancers. It allows you to create different projects, and nest tasks and sub-tasks under those projects. You can separate your work, personal and study lives and have projects under each of those.

Naturally, since this isn’t actually keeping a log of your PC activity, the actual input depends a lot on you. Todoist has natural language processing integrated into its features, meaning you can interact with the software as you would a peer. The app also has voice integration with Siri and Alexa so you can easily speak your to-do tasks and have them logged.

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