iPhone 8 dummy model surfaces with edge to edge display:

The rumors of Apple’s next iPhone are starting to pour in long before the iPhone event in May. Rumors have it that one of the two iPhones this year would be made of aluminum and the other using Glass. Today, some unverified leaks have started to come in with some pictures of maybe iPhone 8. The photos shoe an iPhone made of glass and stainless steel with front screen seemingly going edge to edge with no bezels whatsoever in sight. Also, there is no touch ID visible. There were some rumors saying it would be integrated within the display. The leaks come from a user named Benjamin Geskin on Twitter. Interestingly, the back Apple logo is missing from the images. The back of the phone is sporting a new design for cameras with dual vertical setup.

The front looks stunning with no bezels and the power button seems to be enlarged. This, if true, will be the most revolutionary design in apple’s hardware since ages (pun intended). Take this with a grain of salt though.

Apple is also supposedly bringing this iPhone with 3 gigs of ram and the same storage options from last year. The new iPhone would also have more efficient charging system and cameras. This is great news for all the Apple fans all over the world. The phone would come in two different screen sizes. One in 5.5 inches and the other in 4.8 inches. Apple is rumored to bring a new technology for its water resisting feature.

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