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30+ Best Adobe Fireworks Tutorials for Your Inspiration

Being into the designing field, Adobe Photoshop might be at the top of your best tools’ list. Well, you are not alone. Many designers use the Adobe Photoshop for their designing needs. But ever thought to give a shot to Adobe Fireworks?

Yeah! You heard it right. Adobe Fireworks can work as magic and can attain its place in best tools for every designer. In fact, most of the web designers working in large corporate websites are opting for Fireworks for their designing project. So it’s time you opt for it. To help you take this awesome decision I have included some of the freshest fireworks tutorials in this article. These well explained tutorials will help you to master this awesome tool. I am sure after learning these fireworks tutorial you will definitely opt for Fireworks and use it in your next designing project.

Enough chit-chat, now I present to you 30+ Best Adobe Fireworks Tutorial for Your Inspiration.

1.      Grunge Text

Best Adobe Fireworks Tutorials for Your Inspiration
Image Source: http://www.fireworkszone.com

You can often find it to be used as introductory text. Say to introduce the star cast of film at its start up. Moreover, it can be used to design the website layout for the ‘Extra’ attraction part.

2.      Create a Rope

Create a Rope

You might know very well about how to create a rope in Photoshop. Adobe Fireworks can work as good replacement for this purpose. Even the Rope designed with Fireworks is closer to reality as compared to that of Photoshop (subjected to your skills, of course).

3.      Create Water Drops

Create Water Drops
Nothing can beat the natural beauty. Design this natural beauty by learning the creation of water drops in this tutorial.

4.      Designing for mobile devices using Fireworks CS4 beta

Designing for mobile devices using Fireworks CS4 beta

Got a designing project for mobile devices? Fireworks CS4 is for you. Although, alone the Fireworks CS4 is perfect for designing for mobile devices, but its integration with Adobe Flash takes your designing to higher edge.

5.      Create a Shield

Create a Shield

Hate the work of Shield designing just because of the complexity involved in it? Just go through this tutorial and see how your Hate gets converted into Love.

6.      Glossy Badges

Glossy Badges

Ever noticed the bubbles used in the modern websites for the sake of attractions? Come on, you are designer; you must have noticed. Glossy Badges is what we call them.

7.      Barcode


The same spectrum of strong and dotted lines that you see on the packing of every product (almost every!). Learn to create them with this simple tutorial.

8.      Dollar Coin

Dollar Coin

Adobe Fireworks can be used to create a simple dollar coin. Even if you have not used the Fireworks before, still you can create dollar coin. Just go through this tutorial to do so.

9.      Kiss Make Up

Clicked a picture of your friend’s face and want to make it up? Follow this tutorial to makeup the face, especially, to design a star on eye.

10.  Reflecting Text

Whether it’s about writing the title of any topic, bringing attraction in important words or creating design around web 2.0; use of reflecting text has become common nowadays. So it’s good to have the knowledge of designing the same.

11.  Human Iris

Use the power of Fireworks to create human iris. Learn how to do so, in this easy to follow tutorial.

12.  Resize Multiple Images in Fireworks

Photoshop is not the only one to have Batch Processing feature. Fireworks stand with it. So you can use the Fireworks to change the resolution of pictures easily.

13.  How to Make Items and People Stand Out

Want to make items and people stand out through a photo manipulation? Many ways!! But go through this simplest tutorial to make it happen with pretty ease.

14.  Creating Pearls in Adobe Fireworks

Fireworks can help you to create pearls. Make the pictures of Jwellery to look even better by including realistic pearls, designed by Fireworks. Follow this tutorial to learn it.

15.  Embroidery Effect

I know, you might not know about the designing of real embroidery fabric, but Fireworks enables you to design the virtual embroidery. Here is the simple tutorial for this.

16.  3D lightening Icon

The buzz is about 3D nowadays. Be an updated designer. Learn how to use Fireworks to create 3D Lightening Icon.

17.  Text Cut Effect

You might have seen this effect on many websites. It’s mostly used in the logos. Follow this tutorial to design your own text cut effect.

18.  Windows Media Player style button 2

Love the Glossy button that you see in the Windows Media Player 11? Well, everybody does. What about creating that yourself. Don’t worry! This tutorial will guide you for this.

19.  Create a thick text outline with Adobe Fireworks

Thick Text Outline is perfect for creating headlines. Many designers even use it in the text-based logos to bring the extra glow in their design. Adobe Fireworks can help you create it.

20.  Simple tutorial: How to create button

Nothing! but a simple button that you find in websites and in software as well. Very simple to create. Here’s the tutorial, teaching you the same.

21.  Siri Icon

Apple introduced the Siri with the launch of iPhone 4S. Not only the features, but its icon also attracts people. If you also like the Siri Icon and would love to design by your own, then check out this tutorial.

22.  Brushed Metal Apple iCloud Logo

Whether you have used the cloud service iCloud by Apple, or not; you might have noted the little cloud being used as its logo. Right? You can design that iCloud logo using the Fireworks. The amazing thing is that, the tutorial to learn this design is as simple as good looking the logo is.

23.  Social Media Icons

Social media’s craze is at top nowadays. Each social networking website has got its own icon. Also, the icons are mostly used to represent the social networking websites, rather than their names. So it’s good to have knowledge of creating these icons using Fireworks.

24.  Tilt Shift Effect

The same effect, which is common to find on the photo sharing website Flickr and other similar websites. Although, most of designers prefer the Photoshop for this effect, still Fireworks can also do this task for you.

25.  Creating an Amazing Palm Pre Icon on Fireworks

Like the gadget Palm Pre? Well, you might be using the same but what about creating an icon of it? Fireworks have got the tools that you can use to create an amazing Palm Pre icon. Here’s the tutorial for same.

26.  Awesome Floral Type in Fireworks and Photoshop in 5 Minutes

Use the floral vectors with the simple text to create a Floral Type and hence to make it attractive and cool. Most work is done in the Adobe Fireworks. The use of Photoshop is to add some textures only. Follow this tutorial to create awesome Floral Type. And Yes! It really takes 5 minutes only. Try it!!

27.  Old Paper Effect in Fireworks

Ever created Old Paper Effect in Adobe Photoshop? Fireworks can also be used for this. This tutorial will explain you ‘how’.

28.  How to Create Blend Mode with Adobe Fireworks CS4

Blend Mode can be done with Fireworks. It enables you to create multiple images. Haven’t used the Fireworks before? No Worries! This tutorial is very simple to follow.

29.  Fuzzy light effect in Fireworks

A good way to reflect the things with attraction is by using the Fuzzy Light effect. Learn about creating this effect, in this tutorial.

30.  Adobe Fireworks Little bulb effect

The Light Bulb Effect gives you the same feel, as you get on seeing the crackers burst. This effect looks as the light of bulb is getting reflected on the water.

31.  Light Painting in Fireworks

Normal painting is common. But you are born special. So you need to paint out of the crowd. What about the Light Painting? Quite interesting! Isn’t it? Use the Fireworks for light painting.

32.  Create the night clouds

Nature is amazing. No one can forget the amazing scene of night clouds. Why not design that amazing scene? No, no! Not with Adobe Photoshop. But yes, with Adobe Fireworks. This tutorial will guide you for it.


That’s it. Just follow Best Adobe Fireworks Tutorial for Your Inspiration and make these cool designs/effects to happen actually. I hope to see you as a master of Adobe Fireworks on our next meet. If you feel I have missed your tutorial let us know through comments.

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