10 Best iPhone Apps For Hairstylists 2016-Organize Your Business In A Better Way

Cell phone has been an integral part of our lives. We use it to communicate with others, we keep notes in cell phones and we use it as a mean of entertainment. Different kinds of cell phones are available in market. However, some people prefer nothing but the iPhone. A large number of people are using iPhones in this world, as it offers many applications, which no one else has in its stores. iphone has a large number of applications for everyone. Not just for the entertainment but iPhone have apps for the professionals also. If you are a hairstylist, iphone apps store, which is called iTune, can help you to do your in a org proper and organized way. There are number of applications which are designed just for hairstylist.

Here we are discussing 10 best iPhone apps for hairstylists 2016

My hair stylist

The first app about which we are talking is the “my hair stylist”. This application has a number of features for the new and experienced stylist. You can learn different hair styles, which might be new for you. Many stylists rank it as the number 1 application.


 iPhone Apps For Hairstylists 2016
Apps For Hairstylists

HairBiz is another More specifically, a hair stylist can keep the history of clients’ hair color and foil. You can access data about your clients really quickly. You can keep the record about their last visit to your salon. If it was more than six months ago, you can send them an email, just to check if they are fine. It will show your concern to your clients and you will be able to develop better professional relationships with them. Moreover, you can also keep the records of the charges, which every client pays for getting services. You will be able to manage your accounts in a better way.


GlossGenius works with thousands of professionals and businesses and has been specifically designed for the beauty industry. It will assist you to lead a successful beauty business. GlossGenius is changing the beauty industry with the help of cutting-edge technology. It powers the businesses of independent beauty professionals, such as hair stylists, makeup artists, nail artists, estheticians and more.

We can say that GlossGenius empowers the entrepreneurs with industry-leading booking, client communications, client relationship management, marketing, reporting, scheduling, analytics and payment tools. It helps the professionals to run their business and make them more successful. If you’re a professional or business in the beauty industry, GlossGenius is reimagining a way of working.


If you’re a client of a professional that uses GlossGenius, booking is really easy. To book an appointment via GlossGenius, your beauty professional must have a GlossGenius account. When a GlossGenius account has been made, the business or beauty professional you’re trying to book with will normally share a direct link to their booking site. Professionals can also email or text you a link.  This is one of the most convenient options to visit a professional’s page that has GlossGenius.

If you don’t get these links via messaging and email then you should call them to collect the address details. There is one more alternative as you can search Google to get the booking site.


If you’re a client, booking is free. If you’re a professional or business that wants to manage everything on GlossGenius’s platform, then you would pay $24 per month for the subscription. This subscription comes with a ton of features and a low payment processing rate, as well as exceptional customer service and optional add-ons.

The many features that GlossGenius offers will assist you to do you work easily and more efficiently. Check out the app for more details.

Sally’s Salon

This is an application for those hairstylists, which are new in this business. If you are starting your salon, this is a must have application for you. Many people take is as game too, but it is very useful for the beginners. This hair salon application will let you to handle virtual customer on your iPhone. You will provide hair care services to your customer and he will be paying money. You can find many images and videos, which will help you to learn new hairstyles.

Perfect salon

This application is available for free on iTune apps stores. This is one of the 10 best iPhone apps for hairstylists 2016.  The aim of this app is to make you a perfect stylist, as the name suggests. It teaches you about the common mistakes which hairstylists do during their work. If you know the mistakes, you can avoid them as well.


Another useful application offered by the Apple for iPhone users. You can manage your current activity with your clients and the upcoming schedules as well. This is one of the 10 best iPhone apps for hair stylists 2016 and you can download it for free.

Style my hair

Style my hair is another great application for salon owners and workers. This offers a number of video tutorials which can help you to learn new styles. As they are videos, so beginners can take the advantage and can learn some unique styles.

Hairstyle Wizard

People want to look like their favorite celebrities and the similar hair style can help them to look like their loved celebrity. This app, hairstyle wizard, comes with the hairstyles of celebrities. When you clients demands hair styles of a particular celebrity, you can check it from you iPhone and can fulfill the demand of your customer.

Personal Salon Assistant

This app is commonly known as PSA. It offers a great flexibility to a stylist, as you can manage your customers in an organized way. The tools in this app, help you to keep the record of your clients appointments, color formulations and other services, Moreover, you do not need internet access to use this application. This is considered as one of the 10 best iphone apps for hairstylists 2016.


This is another app for hairstylist, which help you to communicate with your clients. You can stores your clients data like contact information, comments, formulas and dates. The schedule of all your clients will be at your fingertips.

Toca Hair Salon

Toca Hair salon is a game for kids, but adults can use it for learning different hairstyling techniques. You can cut and trim hair by using scissors and electric trimmers. You can wash the hair of clients and can color them. This is a great application for the beginners.

These are the 10 best iPhone apps for hairstylists 2016, everyone is different, but all can help you one way or the other.

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