Best Ways To Improve Your Site’s Alexa Rank

There’s a lot of things you should see to know the worth of a blog, going through all the aspects will consume a lot of time and sometimes you may get bored. If you want to judge a blog without messing with it then just use tools like Alexa, Moz Rank, etc. You will easily come to know all about that particular blog by seeing the Alexa stats, most of the companies or people will first see the Alexa rank of your blog before approaching you. Having a good Alexa rank is always beneficial as per my experience. You will find tons of blogs are saying do this, do that to improve your Alexa blog, but in real you can’t just improve your Alexa rank just by doing some crazy shit. But now you don’t need to worry about it anymore because today I will be sharing some cool tips which will definitely boost your Alexa rank.

Ultimate Tips To Improve Your Alexa Rank

1. Guest Posting: Guest Posting is the best way to increase your site’s authority and rank in higher in search results. Having a good number of quality backlinks will surely improve your rank. Whatever you write doesn’t matter, just make sure that the quality of the content you deliver to your audience should be unique and helpful. It will increase the probability of the audience to visit your website again and again. At last, it will increase the site’s traffic and your Alexa rank will be improved. Also be careful while doing a guest post on unknown sites, do check the site’s background before proceeding, if you see many outgoing links from a particular site than avoid doing guest posting on it, such sites will be filled spam and junk which may not give you satisfactory results.

2. Maintain Good Frequency Of Your Postings: Try your level best to keep the frequency of postings constant. Also, try to write quality posts regularly for your blog, it’s a major key to improving your Alexa rank. Because search engines like google, bing doesn’t like dead blogs or blogs with no regular updates. If you are new to blogging then try to write at least two articles a day, everyone loves blogs which have a lot of information. Sites with regular content updates will have good Alexa rank.

3. Add Alexa Rank Widget On Your Blog: You might have seen some blogs having a small widget of Alexa which shows the current stats of that blogs and says to write a review of that blog. It will help in improving your blog’s Alexa rank. Placing an Alexa rank widget is not hard at all, you just need to register your blog or site in Alexa, copy the code and put it in your source code. As simple as that, it will hardly take 1-2 minutes which is not a big deal at all, but it will have a good impact on your Alexa rank.


  1. Good advice – we are looking to improve the Alexa rank along with all other ranking metrics for our new site, so this looks like a great idea. Will keep an eye on it over the next couple of months & tracks the changes. Thanks again!

  2. I agree guest post is the best way to increase alexa rank…since this method will build backlinks for your blog which is helpful to improve your blog performance in search engine..Great article Srinu…!!

  3. Well…! SRINU really amazing post by you after a long time I’ve seen something that is really Worth read it.!
    These days every one is looking to improve their rank but its not that much easy to get it.
    A very effective ARTICLE will definitely will make our rank improve but Some more things like that will blow our mind in rank.
    Thanks for sharing with us …! keep it up, GOOD WORK.

  4. Guest blogging is a good thing for getting higher alexa rank. But on other hand, it is really a headache to write blogs on differnet websites. But reward is also big i.e. backlink from a hifi blogs.


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