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Best Tablets for Web Browsing

The portability and ease of use of tablets has literally put the internet and web surfing at our fingertips. The multi-touch, capacitive, high-pixel resolution screens, and the high-speed processors of most tablets have also greatly enhanced the web browsing experience. Web developers are embracing the mobile market and making design choices like implementing responsive web design to further enhance websites interactivity with smartphones and tablets. Recent studies have shown that more than 70% of all web traffic occurs on mobile devices. We love using our smartphones and tablets to surf the web.

Here are 5 of the best tablets on the market for browsing the web

Apple iPad and iPad Mini

iPad Mini

The original tablet still holds the majority of market share. Although priced higher than most of the competition, Apple’s full iPad and iPad Mini offer stunning displays, and Apple’s mobile OS that includes its famous Safari web browser. The speed, responsiveness and the huge selection of apps makes Apple’s iPad line the continued leader in tablets.

Kindle Fire HD 7” and 9”

Amazon was the first company, other than Apple, to make inroads in the tablet market when they introduced the original Kindle Fire. The $199 price point for the 7 inch tablet was a welcome addition for those seeking a more affordable option than the iPad. Since then, Amazon has upgraded the Kindle to include an HD screen, rich Dolby Surround Sound, better capacitive touch response and an option for the larger 9 inch version.

Google Nexus 7 and 10

The Google devices boast the highest pixel resolution display for any tablets. The question remains whether or not there’s value with that high of a resolution in smaller tablet screens; it still makes for a great web browsing and video watching experience. The Google Nexus tablets also boast ultra powerful processors for blazing web browsing speeds.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and 10

The Galaxy Note is expected to outpace iPad sales in 2013 as Samsung continues to dominate the mobile device market. The Galaxy Notes’ integrated S-Pen stylus, Android Jelly Bean OS and the fast processors make for a very competitive line of tablets.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft’s foray into the tablet market late last year was met with some mixed reviews. They have since improved the tablet and the operating system of their tablet devices. The changes have improved the reviews. The Surface tablets boast the largest screens of the group coming in at 10.5 inches.

As websites continue to optimize their sites for tablet and smartphone usage, we’ll likely see more and more intuitive layouts with less user interfaces intended for mouse clicks. The portability of tablets has already changed the way we browse the web and it will only get better.

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