Five Gifts for Your Tech Beau on Valentine’s Day

So you are dating the type of guy (or gal) that is obsessed with technology gadgets and gizmos. They can’t get enough. They have two types of e-readers and three types of GPS. They are constantly buried in Consumer Reports to read about the latest tech reviews and are obsessed with technology news.

And it’s time for the most important holiday of the year for couples – Valentine’s Day. This year is your year and you want to make it a memorable one. After last year’s failed attempt at a gift (you bought them the hot air balloon ride when all they wanted to do was play video games at home), you are determined to show your stuff this year.

So what do you get?

Blu Ray Player

Let’s be honest – we all thought the Blu Ray fad would fade away.  Since it hasn’t and more often these days we are hear people complaining of seeing their favorite movies in this strange new format, now is the time to purchase your beau a new Blu Ray Player.

Do some research of course, but if you just want to take the plunge, check out Selby  for some pretty amazing deals.

Wireless Speakers

Your beau loves their Pandora app. They also love the music they’ve spent their money on for their cell phone, yet you desperately need them to play this music without the rinky dinky cell phone speakers. If this sounds like your tech beau, you will want to purchase the latest of gadgets called – the Wireless Speakers.  You connect via Bluetooth and you play your music without all those complicated wires and connections. Perfect for the tech obsessed love in your life.

There are many ways to find great deals with this type of gadget, so make sure check into as many online stores as you can find.


No matter what the platform, adding an e-reader to your techie’s life will improve their book knowledge drastically. It’s the latest staple in technology and not one that will go away so easy. And it doesn’t count to just have an e-reader app. Make sure to check out this site  for the best places to purchase your new tech gadget.

Pedometer – and other Fitness Gadgets

What better way to appeal to the techie in your life through a gadget that helps their fitness behavior? From a pedometer to a meal tracker, fitness gadgets are perfect for anyone who has added weight loss, more exercises or healthier lifestyle to their New Year’s Resolution. If that isn’t on their list, your techie love may just appreciate the thought you put into this new nifty device. Check out this website for some ideas!

Universal Remote Control

You’ve already long since relinquished the ability to control the remote while with your techie, why try to fight it? I think it’s time you reward your tech savvy beau their ability to flip through the shows at 10 seconds a channel, even more so with this universal remote control. Maybe this time they can prove how quick draw they can be to serve up the DVD, CD, Blu Ray and cable action all within a five minute period. Click here for ideas on where to purchase this new tool.

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