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Best 25 Free High Quality Sans Serif Fonts


If you do not possess proper skills for designing a website, you will face numerous difficulties due to the presence of different fonts. In fact, you will simply end up feeling more confused in the long run without getting the desired effect as far as website designing is concerned. A majority of people try to locate the best fonts that are available on the internet and enjoy the feeling of exhilaration in the beginning. The fact is far removed from reality as certain fonts may not be present in another computer and your presentation may go absolutely haywire. However, free high quality sans serif fonts have allowed web designers to design websites in a convenient manner.

Free High Quality Sans Serif Fonts

The significance of using fonts

As a matter of fact, it is necessary for a web designer to understand the significance of using those fonts that are compliant with the web so that the website can be loaded or used in every web browser and computer. However, if you have just started working as a web designer, you will need some more time than your experienced counterparts before you are able to acquire proper knowledge on using web safe fonts. Sans serif fonts are used for various purposes such as in creating headlines or even in the body of the website test by web designers all over the world. Adding these fonts to your website will certainly add spark to your website. While handling different types of projects within strict deadlines, using sans serif fonts is the best idea.

Types of sans serif fonts

Let us summarize the following sans serif fonts that are available for free:

  • League Gothic: This is an example of an old classic font that is used for several websites.
  • Mayberry: This is a semi bold font that is used in television devices, web pages and those documents that can be viewed on screen.
  • Mentone: This is a comparatively new font that has been named after the wonderful suburb that is located in Melbourne Australia. The round edge that is present in this font makes it unique, and it can be used for general purpose. Although the font appears invisible in text sizes, the display size has an additional charm.
  • AUdimat: This is another free font that can be used by web designers.
  • Epic Fusion Font: This font is free although for personal use only.
  • old sans black Font: This is the brainchild of Manfred Klein.
  • Walkway: In this category of free fonts, you will find oblique and bold designs.
  • Titillium Text: This is a free sans serif font, which is as exciting as the name itself.
  • Giro: This font is extremely useful for print design, graphic design, editorial design and typography.
  • Helvetica: This is a font that is closely associated with Arial and often used by designers. In fact, this font can be easily installed in the computer, it is also considered ads a safe font.
  • Neo Sans: This is a new font as compared to others at least the appearance is completely new. Therefore, web designers should analyze this font for this purpose.
  • Bebas: This is a sans serif font used by web designers.
  • Nevis: This is the best way to add vigor to your website and make it wonderful.
  • Comic sans MS: If your website deals with some texts related to the lighter side of life, this is perhaps the best font that can be used for this purpose.
  • Myndraine: This is a font that can be used by website designers.
  • Montepetrum: For lovers of tall and thin font for their websites, this is the best option undoubtedly. This font is used for personal and commercial requirements.
  • Aller: This is standard sans serif font used by website designers.
  • Evolution True Type Font: A standardized sans serif font.
  • Print Clearly: There are three categories that can be found in this font, which is to be used for websites and the choice will depend on designers.
  • Patagonia: This is a contemporary font used for websites catering to several purposes.
  • Basic: This is a tall and narrow font that appears simple and available in three sizes.
  • Arvil Sans: If you are keen to spruce up your website, Arvil can be classified or counted among free high quality sans serif fonts that are used by website designers for creating round texts. This font can be used for symbols, letters and numbers. On the whole, it is a user friendly font.
  • Novecento: This is a modified version of Novecento in which the prevalence of upper case letters is visible and used for sentences that are short and headlines in big and small sizes. While the bold variety refers to the classic form, the new one is contemporary.
  • Zag Font: This font can be used for graphic design, typography and floral design.
  • Code light: This font has the widest variety of usage as it is applied for various purposes including motion graphics, for websites, prints and pictures or company logos.

Usage of fonts: opportunities for designers

As far as website designing is concerned, you will have the opportunity for using some of the best sans serif fonts that are available for free. However, as a website designer, you must prefer those fonts that are easy to install and appear easy and readable at least when the text will be interpreted by readers. This is to imply that the worst mistake that is likely to be made by designers while using fonts is choosing a variety that looks appealing. As a matter of fact, a font should be not to be chosen simply because it is popular, but it should be suitable for the theme of the website.

Font and marketing of website

The website design counts a lot with respect to advertising and marketing of products. The basic idea that should remain in the minds of website designers is that the look or the feel should be simple. This is the reason for the popularity of sans serif fonts as they are devoid of the serifs that are usually present in the end of the letters. Therefore, sans serif designs are always easier to read and considered as the most prominent choice of bloggers and designers.

Which font should be used preferably?

If you are wondering which font is to be used for your website, it may not be easy to find an answer as the decision is more likely to depend on various factors. Sans serif should be preferable used for online usages. The fonts should be used in an effective manner so that the reader does not feel confused on the whole. Moreover, changing fonts should be avoided as it mars the appearance of the write up and does not inspire the readers. After all, a successive presentation of your website will depend on various factors and using a proper font is one of them. In short, the website pages should not appear clumsy. You have to narrow down on one or tow fonts before designing the best category for your website.


Savile is one of the most contemporary and useful typeface that was originally intended to create a clean and clutter free website and designed by Jonathan Hill. Among the free high quality sans serif fonts that are being used by website designers, this font can be used suitable for general and special purposes. As far as this font is concerned, it has been designed with precision in order to ensure maximum readability. In this font, there are 540 characters along with classic style, sleek options and kerning that is suitable edited.

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