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How to Access The Internet and Remain Anonymous

how to access the internet

The Internet is one of the most useful scientific achievements in modern science. People use it daily, be it for a job, school, or entertainment. With so many hours spent online on a daily basis, it’s normal to be concerned with the question of privacy and safety. Your information can be abused in various ways online and it’s important to know how to prevent this from happening. Make sure that you approach this potential problem consciously and do your best to prevent it. Ways in which you can be careful online are numerous and some of them are listed here.

Web Browsing:

Remaining anonymous on the Internet starts from using private browsing modes and also different browsers will give you different levels of control over your privacy. For instance, the private browsing mode in Google Chrome is called Incognito mode. You should bear in mind that this is not the best way to save your privacy online. This is good when it comes to controlling the type of information stored on your machine. You have more control over your browser history this way. You also stop sites from storing cookies. This is important since cookies serve to store information on your computer and use it when you visit the site again.

Use Burner Emails:

Your email address will be required everywhere on the Web. No matter what you’re doing – commenting, downloading, or subscribing – you will have to type in your email address. For this reason, you should use email burners. Burner email accounts are very useful and can help you comment online and not be afraid that your comments will be traced back to you. These accounts will make it impossible for the origin of the message to be discovered.

Secure Your Firewall:

Securing the firewall will help you maintain your anonymity. A firewall inspects all the data that passes through your home network. This means that every piece of information that comes from or goes to the outside world is checked here. The firewall has a set of rules on things that shouldn’t be let through. External connections will be immediately rejected by default. Anyone who tries to access your router will be stopped thanks to this firewall. You should check whether your hardware firewall is activated. If not, activate it and see whether it runs properly.

Use a VPN:

If you want to use the Internet completely anonymously, you should use a VPN. This is the type of network technology designed to mask the information flowing to or from your local machine. This way, it’s impossible to tell what you’re doing online. Being safe on the Internet is the key to successfully using it. You can find a suitable VPN by going through this online resource on free VPNs and make sure you’re always using the Internet in the best possible way. You can set the VPN on your router or install it on your phone for protection even when you leave the house.

Secure your Router:

The router is one of the most vulnerable points in your relationship with the Internet. Specifically, the IP address of the router can be tracked, not the devices you’re using. You should do as much as you can to prevent someone from the outside getting access to your router. Even small changes will make a huge difference in your online anonymity. Start by changing the username and password for your router. This will make you more secure since it’ll make getting to the router much harder, even when the local Wi-Fi password is cracked.

Read Privacy Policies:

Finally, the best way to preserve your anonymity is to read privacy policies. You don’t want to voluntarily participate in violating your anonymity. Reading all those pages may seem tedious but it pays off in the long run. Don’t opt for the easier way and just click. Instead, act consciously and read through all the privacy policies. You should be aware of all the permissions you give to certain companies. It’s your information that you’re allowing them to use. Knowing exactly what you’re agreeing to will make your life and virtual safety much easier.


Privacy is very important, no matter if it is in real life or online. Preserving your data from being abused should be your first concern before you log in anywhere. Be sure to do everything you can to enjoy your time on the Web and spend it without any stress involved.

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