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Top Programming languages to learn

Top Programming languagesEvery single device we use that accepts inputs has been programmed. From your blue-ray player to your latest Smartphone, from the basest appliance to the most complex one, programming has its use.

Programming Languages used to make software/games etc.

A brief Introduction
In the 80s, structured programming was very popular. It aimed at programming using structures, or blocks. But as the programs grew complex, structured programming grew way too complex to understand. That was when object-oriented programming came. Most of the top programming languages that are console-based are object oriented. It offers reliability and security than structured paradigm.

Top Programming languagesTop 4 Programming languages that you should learn are:


Java represents a revolutionary change in the way we program. It displayed that OOP-languages simply and in a way revolutionize the program. It was developed at Sun Microsystems by a team led by James Gosling.


It can be used to make games, make software or internet applets. Should not be used for programming OS because its interaction with hardware is not good. Also games are not usually made in java, because of its average interaction with hardware.


It was preceded by C, the programming language with no class, yet the most popular and influential programming language ever made. C is still popular but its popularity has been equaled by C++.


it can be used to make almost everything. You can develop games, program hardware, make OS, make a web server etc. Internet applets are not supported by this language.


Created by Microsoft for use in its API. You can develop games, software, windows 8 app and windows phone apps. In short, any API that Microsoft has developed, you can use it.


any API that Microsoft has ever made will work with C#. XNA, Windows 8 SDK, Windows Phone 8 SDK will work in C#. Microsoft has taken steps to make this language more popular and more used.


Python was once extremely popular, and then lost its popularity and now regaining its lost popularity. Google uses it and many other big names use it now.


PyGame is an API that you can use to python based 2D/2.5D games. Web.Py can be used to make web modules in python. Much software can be made as well.

Programming languages to make website/application


If you ever wanted to start making any web application or website you must know HTML. You can start learning from w3schools or Both are free. The current version of HTML is 5, which include many features that were until now only in flash.


If you want to design your website like all websites are, you need to know CSS. Again refer to the same link as before for tutorials.


YOU MUST KNOW IT. It is like “the programming language of the WEB”. Its popular, its fast, it does almost all the job that a top programming language and add to that, you don’t have to install any software for it.


Hypertext Pre-processor is the full form of PHP. Millions of websites have added dynamicity using PHP. It is so simple, yet powerful. All tutorials can be found over the Internet.


If you are into website designing, and then you should know this language. It is not exactly a language; it is a library of JavaScript, which just simplifies things a lot.

Knowing these programming languages you can become quite skilled in programming in all areas. A lot of applications for mobile are made by HTML and JavaScript these days, so knowing them would be a big plus.

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