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Nightclubs of the future: What do they look like?

Nightclubs have been around for hundreds of years in a number of different forms. The first traditional nightclubs as we know them today were opened in New York in the 1840s and the 1850s, and earned themselves a reputation for their live music and dance acts. 

It’s safe to say that the clubbing scene has changed dramatically since the 1800s – and we’re not only talking about the music. The nightclubs of this century are more diverse and varied than ever, and boast thousands of dollars-worth of high-tech lighting, sound and entertainment equipment. 

But by no means has the evolution of nightclubs come to a halt. The introduction of newer and more innovative ideas for the nightclub industry suggests an even more exciting future for the clubbing scene. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the nightclubs of the future. 

  1. They’ll merge technology and design

The nightclubs of today offer a pretty impressive multisensory experience, and we can expect the tech and design features behind this to get even bigger and better as time goes on. In the future, light projections and sculptures,electrifying sound systems, and other clever technologies will help to produce the most immersive and impressive clubbing experience that customers could ever wish to experience. 

  1. They’ll encompass more than just a club

Nightclubs are beginning to understand that “nightclubbing” doesn’t always have to involve standing in a darkened room with blaring music, unable to talk to your friends. Many of the nightclubs of the future will offer ways to customers to communicate and have fun with their peers aside from on the dance floor. It’s likely that they’ll combine their typical clubbing spaces with the likes of beer gardens, bars and casinos, offering an all-round experience for guests who prefer to have more than one option for entertainment. 

  1. They’ll use apps to promote customer loyalty

For many people, nightclubs offer an escape from reality, a chance to forget about their daily work life and let their hair down. That’s why, in general, people respond well to nightclub offers and promotions – the difficult part for the clubs is actually getting those offers and promotions in front of the right audience. By using an app for nightclubs, these clubs can save a lot of the hassle of physical marketing by simply sending push notifications to their customers. This is the easiest way to encourage repeat custom and a greater show-up on club nights. 

  1. They’ll offer integrated AV experiences

Many nightclubs are catching onto the fact that for some people, activities like watching sports are much more enjoyable when they’re presented as highly immersive audio visual experiences. The clubs of the future will work to entice customers to visit their venues by offering the technology and social atmosphere that most customers wouldn’t be able to recreate in their own living rooms. These high-tech features could include floor-to-ceiling LED display screens, clever color-mixing technologies, and an interior layout that encourages a more social viewing experience for all.

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