A Quick and Easy Way To Add Pages to Your PDF Files with PDFBear

PDF is one of the widely used formats not just in the world of academe but also in the corporate field and even in government agencies. It preserves the elements of your raw files with an outstanding level of accuracy. This means that none of the properties in your raw file would be omitted. The only thing that it cannot do is to retain animations in your file. 

Apart from its preservation feature, it will compress your file’s size so that your device’s storage can still give room for other files and relatively fast performance. But PDF files cannot be modified as quickly as word files or PPT  files. While there are PDF files that are unlocked for the receiver’s access, it sometimes only grants limited editing power. 

PDFbear and its excellent features

PDFbear is a platform that allows you to create modifications in your PDF files. Its ability ranges from allowing users to add texts, images, splitting, rotating, and even add pages to PDF. It can also convert your PDF file into other formats or vice versa. Today, we will dive one by one into the features the website prides itself on. 

It’s convenient and easy to use

Firstly, it is a platform of great ease and convenience. The website is friendly to all users of different demographics, including those who have little background in navigating through platforms. The instructions are easy to digest and follow. With just a few clicks around the page, you can already have your modified PDF. 

Aside from the fact that it can be easily navigated, it is also convenient because it is done within seconds or a minute. This is especially helpful for those in a hurry because their submission is in five minutes, etc. After a few explorations on the website, you can sit back and relax while watching the site process your file at high speed. 

It protects your privacy

The creator of the website places excellent value on the privacy rights of internet consumers. Suppose you are anxious about uploading a file on the internet for fear that it will be leaked or used without your consent. In that case, the privacy policy of PDFbear will assure you that none of this will happen as the site has adopted SSL Encryption to protect your uploaded files. 

It has awesome features

More than allowing you to add pages to your PDF, the website also gives you the freedom to apply more modifications, like editing the typographical errors or adding a few notes to enhance your file’s content. You can even declare the first page of the file as your cover page to avoid having page numbers on it. 

It’s free

This platform is also a great help for those who cannot afford the prices and hassle of software installation. If you value your time so much, installing and updating software is something you would deliberately dodge. With PDFbear, you only need your device and an internet connection, and you are free to edit your PDF anytime, anywhere. 

It’s versatile

You also would not have to worry about the platform being incompatible with your device or browser. Whatever it is that you are using, the website creators ensure that it will work without problems. The website’s technology is tested across various operating systems and browsers, even those that are not widely used. 

Steps to follow to add pages on your PDF file 


When we say the steps are easy to understand, it means elementary level easy. All you have to do is follow four steps, and you can already modify your PDF file. For the first step, upload a PDF file that you would like to add numbers to. You may choose a file from your device or drag it to the conversion box. 


For the second step, wait for the upload to complete. The website will scan your PDF file and apply changes so you could access it for modification. You do not have to worry about it taking too long; as we have mentioned in the discussion of features, it will only take seconds to minutes for the website to process your files. 

Place the numbers

For the third step, select the position where you would like to apply for the page number. You may put it on the bottom left, right or center, or the upper part, depending on where you want it. As mentioned above, you can also declare the cover page not to be included in the application of page numbers. Also, you may modify typographical errors while you are at it. 


After doing all the changes, it will lead you to the download page, where the site will render your PDF file ready for download. Besides the fact that you can save it on your device, you may also send it to your professor or boss using your email and even share it on social media for your friends’ and followers’ views. 


While a helpful way to save your device’s storage and preserve your files’ elements, PDF files cannot be easily modified unless you choose to spend a considerable amount of money to buy the software. It is for this reason that PDFbear exists to give you a quality service without spending much. So, give this nifty tool a go for your document needs, you won’t need other tools after trying it out.

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