Bringing liberation through innovation in the city of Hyderabad–Dell Tech Forum 2019

Attending the recent Hyderabad edition of Dell Technologies Forum 2019, I was amazed by the awe-inspiring imagery of the approaching digital future and its possibilities. There is no denying that Dell Technologies leaves no stone unturned when it comes to introducing innovations designed for the future, and the tech giant had re-iterated this with the groundbreaking innovations exhibited at the forum in the city of pearls.

Being a part of the forum, I got an opportunity to meet tech leaders who portrayed a wonderful picture of how technology is disrupting different industries and how these industries are gearing up for the future. The best part was the inquisitive and curious technology enthusiasts who were quite elated to discover the proliferation of technology solutions by Dell Technologies. The forum  elaborated upon emerging technologies like AI, ML and IoT and how these are unleashing a wave of progress. It also highlighted how Dell Technologies, is shaping the digital future, while introducing tech revolutions.

The forum began with an inspiring keynote session by Paul Henaghan, Senior Vice President, Data Centre Solutions, APJ where he emphasized that, with the infinite number of new technologies coming in, the common thread is the data pipeline. He stated that the next generation business needs to build an infrastructure to power the data era, which is modern, multi-cloud, orchestrated, and automated. There is a dire need to foster a digitally savvy workforce that has the tools to be able to interact with the data, through advanced user experiences, and deliver productivity much faster than today.

The forum’s 20+ sessions brought forth Dell Technologies latest portfolio across IT, security and workforce transformation. One compelling session that I found very interesting was the CIO Debate, where IT leaders had put forward their perceptions on the role of technology in digital transformation. The session was commenced by Srihari Palangala, Senior Director and Head of Marketing at Dell EMC. The interesting part about this session was the debate between leaders who were in favor and leaders who were against the topic. The CIOs had made some intriguing points such as technology is not the only key driver, and people and processes are equally important for an integrated transformation. During the debate, Subhajit Deb, Director & CISO, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories made a very interesting point where he stated that there is a difference between digitalization, digitization and digital transformation; and it is not about the bot but about the difference that it can make – this was a true eye-opener.

All the sessions at the forum, forecasted a very promising future. The hands-on zone and the expert zone at the forum had their own way of exhibiting what comes next in the digital future. It was amazing to explore the new technologies and dig deep into the minds of experts to know what tomorrow looks like. This forum was not just a divulgence of emerging products and solutions, but also a roadmap for different industries as to how they can track and trace their transformation journey. The Hyderabad attendees left the forum with a lot of learning and insights, from data, to multi-cloud, to power partnership between Dell and VMware and finally, to successful case studies by organizations that are deploying Dell Technologies solutions to navigate their transformation journey.

If you were unable to be a part of the Hyderabad edition of Dell Technologies Forum, make sure you visit the Mumbai or the Bengaluru event. Dell Technologies Forum is your one stop to trace real transformation.

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