JIO USSD codes To Check JIO Data, offers and Balance

Introduction to JIO

JIO is a newly launched telecommunication network which is considered to be the blessing of the greatest business tycoon of India, the Ambani family. JIO is a full form innovation of the Reliance group of industries and it was launched in a very crucial time when people needed it the most. On the eve of Demonetization in India, which was a venture conceived by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister, India suffered a lot on various aspects. For example, due to the imbalance between sudden rejection of old currency notes and the slow procedure of generation of new notes and their unavailability, there were long ques in front of the reserve banks or the ATM counters which created a total havoc. During this time only, Reliance group of Industries understood the proper need of the people and proposed the idea of JIO which turned out to be the most used telecommunication network in India. We are helping our readers with JIO USSD Codes.

JIO was announced to the employees on the 83rd birth anniversary of the founder of Reliance group of industries, late Dhirubhai Ambani. JIO is the only network connection which provides Voice Over LTE service in India. According to the vision behind the formation of this particular voice network, JIO is more of an ecosystem which provides the best quality experience of digital life to Indian citizens. JIO provides various services which are mainly designed keeping in mind the necessities and needs of its customers as well as potential customers.

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People embraced JIO in a very prompt manner due to its additional advantages of providing free voice calls as well as free internet connection during the initial months. Even after that when the customers needed to pay in order to have a monthly access to free internet and voice calls, the rate is comparatively lower than the rates which are embraced by the other telecommunication networks. With its cheaper rates and higher efficiency, people in India have accepted JIO very quickly and it has been found out that almost everyone has access to JIO network connection. With a good number of JIO apps, a broadband connection, Wi-Fi and much more, JIO has created opportunities and is creating opportunities for its users as well. Due to its versatility, numerous potential users have also turned into customers. 


Before having a discussion regarding the USSD codes of JIO, we first need to know about some basic information related to USSD codes. USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. The need for the existence of these codes is often misunderstood as the users tend not to grasp the true reason behind the use of such codes. USSD codes are often referred to as Quick codes and the reason behind such an etymology is their quick and prompt action at the time when they are requested.

This trend of using USSD codes is being facilitated by the GSM operators who believe that it will be easy for the users to get access to some service or to know about any relevant information through this. People often get confused about the difference between SMS and USSD codes. The fact is SMS or Short message Service have not succeeded yet to establish a real-time connection between the user and the controller of the telecommunication network.

The process in which these USSD codes work is basically a two-way process. Whenever a user sends his or her request or inquiry about a particular subject in the form of USSD codes, it is well received by the controller’s computer system which is entirely meant to operate for the purpose of USSD codes. After the decoding of the alphanumeric characters, the answer to the request is sent by the computer to the user in such a form which will be visible on his or her mobile phone and also which can be read and understood by the user itself. It is to be kept in mind that all the USSD codes are build with such a concept which makes them extremely easy and user-friendly.

The push message which we often receive on our mobile phones is also a particular type of Unstructured Supplementary Service Code(USSD). These push messages are meant for promotional activity of a particular material or a concept. Often the push messages which we receive promote about new trends in movies and entertainment world. Similar to the concept which is prevalent in each and every mobile phone network, JIO also has a certain set of USSD codes. Apart from this, JIO also provides some additional benefits to its users through a myJIO app which is a solution of hundreds of problems faced by the users. 

USSD Codes

List of JIO USSD Codes

According to resources, JIO has the fastest 4G internet speed in India which is a reason why it never fails to satisfy its users. It is a well-known fact that JIO services are modifying each and every day and it has been working quite a lot in order to modify its USSD codes also. There are a few USSD codes of JIO mentioned below in details:

  • In order to check the JIO number, one needs to dial *1#.
  • If a user wants to check his or her prepaid balance as well as the validity of the network, one needs to send the SMS stating BAL to 199.
  • In order to check the 4G data balance, one needs to sign up for myJIO app and search there.
  • In order to check the daily usage of data in a 4G network, one needs to send an SMS stating MBAL to 55333.
  • By sending an SMS which states MY PLAN to the number 199, one can check his or her current tariff plans available.
  • In order to know the balance or talk-time, one needs to dial *333#.
  • In order to have information about the bill, one needs to send an SMS stating Bill to the number 199.
  • If one needs to activate his or her JIO 4G plans, he or she needs to dial 1925 or send a SMS stating START to the same number.
  • The USSD code which is responsible for checking the main balance in JIO is *333*1*1*1#.
  • In order to check the internet balance available in JIO, one needs to dial the code *333*1*3#.
  • If any user wants to check the SMS balance of JIO, he or she needs to dial the code *367*2#.
  • *367*2# is also used to check the local call minutes facility in JIO.
  • In order to check the VAS service which is available in JIO, one needs to dial the code *333*1*4*1#.
  • For the purpose of checking the missed call alerts, a user needs to dial the code *333*3*2*1#.
  • The USSD code which is used for the purpose of special recharge facility in JIO is described as *789#.
  • In order to gain information about the caller tune facility which is available in JIO, one needs to dial the USSD Code *333*3*1*1#.
  • In order to deactivate the existing caller tune in JIO, one needs to dial the USSD code *333*3*1*2#.

Apart from this, since JIO has free internet facility for its users, there is no fixed and special JIO USSD codes for this purpose. In this case, JIO recommends its users to check through myJIO app and clear their all doubts as well as questions.

List of JIO Customer Care Numbers

With the disruptive growth of JIO network in India, it is providing other services apart from the general concept of free internet and talk-time with the help of JIO SIM cards. The needs of a customer can never be ignored which is the reason why JIO has an extremely active Customer care service. Quite similar to the other telecommunication network services, most of the customer care numbers of JIO are toll-free. Due to this toll-free nature of the customer care numbers, there is no hesitation from the customer’s side to contact the controllers of the telecommunication network.

The customer care numbers of JIO are described below in details:

  • The toll-free customer care number of JIO is 1800-88-99999.
  • There is a number which is specially dedicated for the purpose of launching a complaint and that number is given as 198.
  • For help regarding any general issues of JIO, one needs to contact the general helpline number of JIO which is 199.
  • The toll-free number for customer care of LYF is given as 1800-890-9999.
  • 1977 is the number which is dedicated for the purpose of tele-verification of data as well as call services.
  • The tele-verification number which is only dedicated to the data services of JIO is given as 1800-890-1977.
  • The JIO customer care number which is dedicated to another type of network is given as 1800-890-9999.
  • For the purpose of new JIO SIM connection, one needs to dial the number 1860-89-33333.
  • For JIO fiber customers, the helpline number is given by 1800-896-9999.
  • For the purpose of online shopping, one needs to dial the number 1800-893-3399.
  • For corporate customers, the customer care number of JIO is given as 1800-899-9333.

Apart from this, JIO also has the facility of support through email. The email id which can be used by the users to lodge their complaint is given as and It is not unknown that the customer care helplines as well as the email support of JIO are extremely active. They justify their commitments and promises for helping and supporting their customers 24*7. Apart from this, one can also get in touch with JIO through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc. This is because JIO is creating opportunities each and every day. 

Other JIO Service USSD Codes

A lot of services are provided by JIO network. Staring from the unlimited 1GB internet and talk-time, it has launched a new JIO phone these days. Apart from that, it also provides 4G Broadband services, LYF smart-phones, a series of apps related to JIO as well as exclusive Wi-Fi.

In terms of JIO USSD codes, the services which are provided by JIO includes the following:

  • By dialing *123#, a user can get notifications about current news about the movies, sports, entertainment, astrology and much more.
  • One can get access to ringtones with the help of the code *999#.

It is evident that JIO leaves no stones unturned in order to satisfy their customers. The venture which started on such a small scale is now the biggest 4G network provider in India. No one could imagine its success rate when it was launched for the masses. It is due to the versatility of JIO network that it has faced such wonders in the market.

Apart from this, the marketing which was associated with JIO is commendable. The type of brand which JIO has created in India represents somehow a monopoly. Nowadays, it can be observed that the visibility of JIO affects every sector of media. Apart from having partnerships in various movies and commercials, various famous reality shows also recommend and properly advertise the need of JIO.

JIO took subtle smart steps to solidify its base in Indian market of telecommunication networks. The time when there was a certain hype about the game Pokemon Go, JIO came into collaboration with them and due to its fast internet connection which aided in the game, it became a famous name in India. It is also important to maintain an acquired fame because it is said that acquiring fame is comparatively difficult than losing the same. In this arena also, JIO has justified its position and fame. With the innovations and new attractive products, it never disappoints its users and also potential customers.

With the advancement in the technologies, JIO has created a comfortable atmosphere for its customers and in case of its USSD codes, it needs to be mentioned that they are getting modified with time in order to provide higher levels of success and to meet the expectations of the customers. It always ensures that the helpline numbers, support email ids and the systems dedicated for reception of JIO USSD codes are active so that the users do not face any problem.

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