Airtel USSD Codes

Airtel USSD codes to check data, offers and balance

Airtel is one of the largest telecom conglomerates in the country right now, and its connectivity and network strength are pretty much unbeatable across India. Airtel offers prepaid and postpaid connections for customers across the country. Airtel also offers USSD codes for use with their SIM cards and connections, in order to make use of various services that are available on the Airtel platform. These services may include things like checking balance, checking data, obtaining one’s own phone number, offers and so on. These codes are very helpful, and usually don’t cost anything, unless they’re used for services like caller tunes which may cost money. USSD codes are usually typed into the numeric keypad by the user. The user then dials the number to avail the facility or service provided by the number. For example, if a user dials *#06# into their keypad, they can see the IMEI number of their phone’s SIM slot, or multiple IMEI numbers if there are multiple SIM slots. *123# was also a pretty popular USSD code, when BSNL had it used for obtaining user balance. Here is a list of some common USSD codes for Airtel’s services:

  1. *123#

*123#, one of the most popular USSD codes in the country, is used by Airtel to show users their balance, and a comprehensive overview of their account, like account expiry, data balance and so on. To use this code, all that the user has to do is dial *123# on the keypad and dial. This service also allows you to get an SMS from Airtel with a link to download the Airtel app, which is also pretty useful for Airtel services.

Airtel USSD Codes List

  1. *111#

*111# used to be the earlier version of *123#, and was previously used by Airtel for the same purposes that *123# is used for now. It was used for balance checking earlier, and it is now used for obtaining one’s own customer mobile number, in the event of the user forgetting his or her own number. This can be useful in many cases, especially if the user has recently purchased the SIM card and the Airtel connection, because they might be prone to forgetting their own 10 digit mobile number.

  1. *121*5#

*121*5# is used for checking the data balance of 3G or 4G data remaining on the SIM. Airtel offers 3G and 4G data packs with its connections for later recharges, and this can be used to check how much of the recharged amount still remains. This can be a pretty useful tool, and can help a lot with managing data usage, especially if the budget of the user is limited in some way or the other.

  1. *121*2#

*121*2# is used for checking if there are any special offers that have been started by Airtel for its wide consumer base. There are many offers available, like full talktime recharges, extra data on recharging a data pack, free top-ups, and so on. This can also list out new Airtel services that you can subscribe to if you want.

  1. *121*3#

This is used primarily for recharging your SIM card and your connection with a prepaid recharge card, or a coupon that you may have received or bought from a store or a recharge retailer. Dialing this number, and then following it with the unique coupon code present at the back of the coupon will recharge your account with the balance specified on the coupon Coupons are available for various things like top-up recharges, data packs, ISD packs, SMS packs, packs for apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, and so on.

  1. 1909

1909 is the national number designated by the Government of India for stopping ads and commercial calls and communication from a phone or a connection. This can be done by sending an SMS to 1909 with the text ‘START DND’. If at any point of time you wish to stop DND services, you can send ‘STOP DND’ to the same number to stop the service.

The reason why Airtel is popular is also because of the use of Customer Care numbers for usage by the user in case they face any problems, or need assistance, or if they need to solve any discrepancy that they have encountered.

All India Prepaid & Postpaid customer care numbers

Airtel Balance Related USSD Codes


Airtel Service Activation USSD Code

Other Airtel USSD Codes

This list has been updated according to 2017 specifications, and the updated list that has been released by Airtel for their customer usage.

Airtel’s USSD codes help their customer base a lot when it comes to obtaining basic services like balance checking, phone numbers, offers, special recharges, Do Not Disturb services, commercial services and so on. They are a valuable addition to the services provided, and are one of the many reasons why Airtel is a global telecom superpower with its telecom offerings.

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