What is CCNA security & scope of CCNA security certification?

Every industry is connected to the internet and has become highly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Companies that dread the data theft have been working tremendously on building an internal security team to protect themselves. CISCO CCNA security certification gives you a stepping stone to take your career in the direction of becoming a Networking professional.

The professionals with networking security knowledge and skills are in high demand in the market nowadays. For that, you’ll need to possess the right certification and that’s why we recommend CCNA.

If you are willing to know about the course’s specialties and its scope, then just keep on reading:

What is CCNA Security?

CCNA Security training (and course) provides you associate-level networking knowledge and skills. The program emphasizes on the security principles and technologies. If you are pursuing CCNA, you must try to get a hands-on the CISCO security products. The CCNA Security course enhances your skills for developing a security infrastructure, identify the threats and security issues faced by the networks, and handling of the security threats.

CCNA Security Exam

The only prerequisite for sitting for certification is holding a CCNA certificate.

You need to pass only one module of Cisco 640-553 IINS EXAM for getting CCNA security certified. With the CCNA security training, you will cover installation of real networks, troubleshooting, and monitoring of network devices. All these skills in real-time help a security team maintain integrity and confidentiality of data and devices.

The Cisco 640-553 IINS Exam is based on below modules:

  • Network Security Fundamentals
  • Site-to-site VPNs
  • Perimeter Security
  • Network Security Using Cisco IOS Firewalls & IPS
  • LAN, Voice, Endpoint & SAN Security Overview

What is the Scope of CCNA security certification?

Cisco is a very reputed name in networking market. And its certifications have an enormous credibility to get you a credible position into a highly competitive market of network professionals. Network security is a critical zone of concern for the companies right now that is why a network professional has access to find a job in 80% of the companies in coming few years.

CCNA Security Certification gives you a foundation and real-time knowledge for profiles like –

  • Network security specialist
  • Security administrator
  • Security support engineer

In the above real-time profiles, you will be responsible for:

  • Installation and monitoring of small networks
  • Handling GUI’s
  • Handling SDM’s

If you are already a networking professional with two years plus experience, CCNA Security would be the best certification to take a step ahead.

Holding a Cisco certification adds value to your profile internal to the company as well as if you are looking for a higher profile and package in the outside market.

The greatest advantage of Cisco’s is that it is globally recognized and a pre-requisite to the expert networking certifications like Cisco CCSP professional level certification. It is the highest level Cisco certification.

The Cisco certified CCNA security skills will make job finding easy for you and will get you a better paying profile. Employers are in favor of certified professional right from a fresher to an experienced candidate, as it reduces their internal training and certification costs on top of competency.

If you are a Cisco security certified professional, you will find job potentials in private, government, Military and many such reputed organizations which need the skilled professional to avoid data breach by cyber threats. The opportunities are enormous and hence, it is a great career plan to go ahead with a CCNA Security Certification, what’s say?

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