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How Syncing Up Cloud Apps Can Improve Your Sales Process

With more businesses being set up daily and competition growing by the hour, you cannot underestimate the importance of constantly implementing strategies that give your business an edge over your competitors. A good place to start and one of the most rewarding of these strategies is to incorporate modern automation to boost productivity and efficiency in your business.

Here, we share five key ways in which you can enhance your sales process results by syncing cloud apps.

Quick access to business data

Gone are the days when you could store your business data in a computer hard disk (or worse still, a floppy disk) and hope it doesn’t get damaged or lose it. With so many cloud apps to choose from today, there’s really no excuse for not storing important information in the cloud.

Cloud storage presents you with two primary benefits; one, you have a handy backup in case you lose the physical storage, and two, you and your team members can easily access this information from anywhere and on multiple devices as long as there’s an internet connection.

If using several apps and tools to manage your business, you need to sync them all to ensure that your data is harmonized in real time. Cloud syncing promotes data accuracy across all streams, saves you time, and also gives you a birds-eye view of the entire business data flow. This way, you can make more informed business decisions to optimize your sales and many other processes in your business.


Superior collaboration:

When using several tools and apps in your business, there’s a chance that they will provide conflicting data if not managed properly. This kind of disparities can cause serious interdepartmental miscommunication and potentially harm collaborative task handling.

By syncing your business cloud apps, you’re able to create a central database of all business data and communications in real time. Automatic cloud app syncing provides your sales reps with live business data feeds and enables them to collaboratively handle projects. This leads to more streamlined interdepartmental communications, quicker completion of joint business projects, and ultimately improved sales process results.

Enhanced customer support:

Responsive customer support is a critical part of any successful business today. If you’re running an online business, you can employ automation to improve how you interact with your customers. A good place to start is to use a reliable customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Using this cloud-synced business tool, you can easily access important information that helps you to customize customer services and communicate with each in an appropriate manner. This is guided by available information such as their preferences, purchase trends and buying power, and even social media activity among others. This way, you’re able you to offer them personalized offers and support which is key in boosting overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reduced Costs of Running Business Operations:

If your business is like most modern ones, it’s highly likely that you run multiple business processes that work towards making a positive ROI. To increase your chances of achieving your goals while keeping your overall costs low, you may want to sync your apps and all tools that provide you with data. This way, you’re able to manage all business systems from one central database thereby reducing management costs while also increasing efficiency.

While the initial costs of setting up and syncing cloud apps may appear high when compared to acquiring individual tools, oftentimes, the outcomes outweigh the investment by far. It is also cheaper and less time-consuming to manage and update cloud-synced apps. Use the time and money saved here to boost your sales and marketing processes.

Improved Productivity and Accurate Business Forecasting:

Automatic cloud syncing of business apps can help to eliminate redundant business procedures and time-consuming processes, take managerial micromanagement out of the equation, and inspire better collaboration in your business teams. This leads to an efficient business structure where every action you take adds real value to your sales process.

Further, you can rely on data collected from your cloud apps to correctly predict future dynamics in the sales process. Use this information to take requisite actions to accommodate market changes with a keen interest in improving business productivity.


Automatic syncing of cloud apps is evidently the way to go for businesses aiming to optimize their sales pipeline and ultimately ROI. In addition to providing you with the benefits outlined above, the cloud is scalable, which means you can implement an ambitious growth plan without having to worry much about putting in significant investment. Indeed, you can start small and gradually grow your cloud usage over time by ensuring you only pay for essential services. This further improves your business productivity.

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