Top 7 Popular Travel Destinations in Europe

Europe, the second smallest country in the world houses some of the best structures, archaeology, nature parks, nature bounties, and the real place of origin of the western culture. The entire system of the modern culture and freedom ideas began with Europe even before America came into picture. Europe could be an expensive continent to cover which of course would require time as well but the here are a few chosen popular travel destinations that you can try visiting. Read on to find them.


Paris in France is the most popular offering of the continent. A beautifully romantic place, serene, coupled with a balanced climate makes it a wonderful visit for the entire family. Paris is a honeymoon destination, known for the romance it spills on and is also claimed to be the fashion capital of the world.


Budapest is the capital of Hungary. It is made up of the three main regions of Pest, Buda, and Óbuda divided between rivers Danube.  This is a hot favourite place amongst many. Welcome to the land of a vivid culture, a strong unrelenting history and an amazing natural beauty. It offers great shopping avenues. However, the hotels in Budapest get filled very often on account of it being very affordable.


Lisbon is quiet serene place in Europe earmarked with white washes and limestone buildings. It has an olden charm on one side and a modern growing city on the other. You can imagine a relaxed time in Lisbon, strolling on the brick pavements whiffing cinnamon tarts and hot coffee. Portuguese is the spoken language and meals are eaten later than usual.


Prague is fast becoming an attractive tourist. It is a beautiful picturesque city that is filled with churches, narrow streets, and stone bridges. The Czech capital is a treasure for history enthusiasts.  Czech is the most spoken language, and beware of pickpockets.


This oriental and beautiful masterpiece bridges Europe and Asia. One can expect marvellous architecture of the Byzantine Empire along with colour markets selling spices and delicious non-vegetarian food. Be careful about the language and be courteous to the locals. Istanbul is not very child friendly as children get bored of the monuments and history and also find the food spicy.


Amsterdam in Europe is an extremely family friendly location. Although, disrespected for its loose hand on law and the proliferation of red lights district its actually offers lot to the traveller. Amsterdam is known for its pancakes, the good food, the fresh fruits and vegetables and its kid friendly environment.


Welcome to the Danish culture, Copenhagen is the hotbed for climate change talks and movement for the same. Expensive in nature Copenhagen can best be travelled on the bike and the best seasons to visit it is summer. Jeans are often not acceptable while dining, the ‘hyggies’ are quite forma in nature.

These are some of the best chosen places in Europe that could be of tourist interest. There are lot many like Rome, London etc. and the list goes on.

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