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5 Reasons to opt for 4G Smartphones

Let’s start with what 4G-Capable Smartphones are to begin with: 4G smartphones are mobile phones equipped with hardware than can effectively tap into 4G networks. They’re actually not too different from any other smartphone, and can make calls, take pictures, play music, records videos, and act like a personal digital assistant (PDA). What sets them apart is the capacity to access fast Internet speeds similar to a home cable set-up. Technically, the 4G network can reach up to speeds of one gigabit per second. 4G smartphone can access both 3G and 4G.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should buy a 4G smartphone

It’s like a minicomputer in your pocket!

Your 4G smartphone allows you to work on things that often require a laptop or a desktop computer. You can check stock quotes, game scores, and be informed of the latest news. Only 4G smartphones can specifically harness Internet speeds up to 1 Gbit/s.

Great Call & Voice Quality

2G or 3G cell phone are notorious for the poor voice quality on calls. Half the time, people are busy if the other party can hear them. By utilizing the higher network capacity and bandwidth of 4G networks, you can say goodbye to these woes! HD voice calling, which has a call quality that makes it feel as if the other party is in the same room as the caller is the way forward.

Share Everything Faster

Just like any other smartphone, a 4G smartphone will let you check email and share photos with friends and family. The only difference is that you can do this much faster!

Streaming Without Lag


Compared to 3g smartphones 4g enabled phones provide a seamless video experience without the lag. If you use your smartphones for movie streaming, online video conferences, and video calling you will immediately find that it is faster.

They’re not that expensive!

Some of the best mobile under 10000 are 4G enabled so really what are you waiting for? Get online, pick a 4g smartphone that’s right for you and enjoy the benefits of the 4G technology. If you’re on the go, this will be a great investment because 4g is the technology of the future and it is definitely here to stay! With more and more bandwidth and coverage for 4g, it’s only a matter of time before everyone switches over to 4g smartphones.

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