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Comparison of Motorola Moto x Force and Moto X Play

Motorola, whose smartphones are running successful in world market planning to launch more devices for the year 2016. Already Motorola proved its best from mobile devices which got released in late 2015. Especially Moto X play and Moto X Style are the two mobile devices that crossed their huge expectations. Motorola devices are getting fast spread in very short span of time. In same aspect Motorola now came with Moto X force with most advanced features on Feb 1st, 2016 and will be available soon in India. The specialty of Motorola Moto X Force is, it is coming with Shatterproof Technology which is first time for mobile devices. Shatterproof technology is an integrated technology that can absorb any kind of shocks and not to shatter at any cost.

Moto X Play Vs Moto x Force

Motorola Moto x Force Vs Moto X Play

  • Both Motorola Moto X Force and Moto X Play are with two versions. Motorola Moto X Force is available at Rs. 49, 999 (32GB) and Rs. 53, 999 (64GB) and Moto X Play is available at Rs. 16, 999 (16GB) and Rs. 18, 999 (32GB)
  • Moto X Force is coming with 5 inch screen whereas Moto X Play is with 5.5 inch screen. Pixel resolution is high for Moto X Force and is outer frame is with full metal designed which we cannot find in Moto X Play.
  • Coming to camera features we have same mega pixels for both the mobiles but the pixel density is different. Moto X force is designed with dual flash for front camera also which is very rare.
  • Moto X force is coming with 32GB and 64GB internal memory options and expandable up to 128GB. Moto X Play is with 16GB and 32GB and expandable up to 200GB.
  • Moto X force is designed with 3GB RAM whereas Moto X Play is with 2GB RAM.
  • Battery and software features are almost same for both the Motorola devices. We can find little updates in Moto X force.

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