3 Mobile Apps That Off-Roaders Need Now

If you’re like most off-road enthusiasts, you’re constantly on the lookout for accessories and technology to enhance your experience. While most of us enjoy back-country off-roading for its sense of freedom and ability to take us away from the everyday stresses of life, there are some handy mobile apps that don’t require connectivity with the outside world. These are three of the best.

Clinometer + bubble level

This free Android app is considered one of the smoothest topography gauges available for mobile devices. Using the software in combination with your phone’s camera will provide you with accurate measurements of slopes and inclines, depression depths and elevations in a range of terrains. Using this app will help you avoid flipping or crashing in unfamiliar environments as well as letting you know where you can find some of the best adrenaline rushes.

SAS Survival Guide

SAS Survival guide is a condensed electronic version of the multi-million copy bestseller that’s been the definitive backwoods survival bible for more than 20 years. This app is available for Android and iOS, and it comes in a free or paid version. The free app, SAS Survival Guide Lite, has basic tips for navigation, locating water sources and emergency signaling. The paid app is currently less than six dollars and gives you access to all of the information contained in the book as well as some bonus features like photo identification of edible or poisonous plants and Morse Code signaling. Originally created for iPhones, both apps now support the Android platform and are highly rated on Google Play.


This free app for iOS and Android is more than just a GPS mapping system. The updated version includes offline global topographical maps, live tracking capabilities and the ability to instantly create and upload maps and photo-journals for sharing in forums or with friends and family. New features are being added every day.

If you don’t have one of these apps, download them now. New mobile apps mean there’s no need to leave your phone at home, making you safer in even the most remote areas without taking away from the overall experience. Newer Jeep, Nissan and Can Am Commander accessories will ramp-up your off-road experience to new levels of efficiency and excitement. You can find them online or from your local dealer and check out performance feedback in a number of forums before you make a commitment to buy.

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