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Why Wix is a Site Builder for Everyone?

Building a website shouldn’t be a complex thing. Most business owners don’t have advanced IT skills. Most have never been into coding. Besides, today everyone wants to have their website designed and developed quickly so that they can grab the current market opportunities without having to wait. Obviously the long term benefits of having a website and brand come later. This is why using an easy-to-use website builder like Wix is the perfect solution for small, medium and large enterprises.

What is Wix?

Wix is a simple, free site builder that has been available to entrepreneurs, professionals, and businesses of all sizes for more than a decade. It has one of the simplest yet intuitive user interfaces. Supported by useful demo, wide ranging app integration, and an artificial intelligence-based design feature, it is one site builder you will recommend to everyone.

Wix has already reached over 80 million site owners from 190 countries.

Main Features of Wix

There are many features that make Wix a winner if you are looking to Build a website. The most important ones are as following:

Mobile Editor

Wix provides you an intuitive mobile editor that adds new definition to how you can build a site using a mobile device. And the final website will render as effectively on a desktop. You can view the editor in mobile-optimized or desktop-optimized mode.

AI-based Site Designing

Wix’s new artificial intelligence based site building option makes website designing even easier for you. The site builder provides a special editor known as Wix ADI. You can choose between this AI editor and the normal site editor.

The AI editor will require you to answer some questions and based on your answers, it will search online to pick up the best-possible website design.


Wix has hundreds of unique and well-designed templates to choose from. You can also start from the scratch using a blank template. The templates are fully customizable. You can add and remove elements and images. Once you have edited your website template, it will become more unique and will stand out in your niche.

Access to Thousands of Photos

Wix has partnered with Bigstock Photos to allow its users access to thousands of photos. Wix also provides its own set of free photo library with a selection of hundreds of images. You can also upload your own photos with utmost ease.

Social Media Integration

Today, no one can think of creating a website that doesn’t have social media integration. Wix is deeply integrated with the most widely used social media sites. Power your pages with Facebook comments to boost cross-platform interaction. When someone leaves a comment on your website, it will also be visible across your social media profile, thus driving more traffic and engagement. You can also add other social media features for the top social networks to increase your site’s exposure.

App Market Integration

Access to an elaborate app market can make your website feature-rich. There is no limitation to what your website can do when you choose apps and add-ons from the Wix App Market.

    •  Create comment feeds
    •  Integrate with leading online shops
    • Create premium booking systems
    • Site profile systems
    • Site Booster
    • Live Instagram feeds

Its App Market provides all the apps you will ever need to power all your needs from your site.

Designing & Editing Your Site

The simple Wix HTML5 Editor allows you to create the perfect website using drag-and-drop feature. Wix also provides HTML5 templates which are mobile ready. With the Wix App Market, you can add unlimited features to your site. In fact, you will never feel the need for external integration. Everything can be found in this app market.

You can also find new add-ons every day. Developers are always adding new extensions, allowing you to expand your site all the time.

Power of Blog Elements

Wix also provides a dedicated “blog elements” feature. Your website’s blog can be integrated with your website. You can also do a wide range of other functions including addition of widget for showing latest posts. This powerful blog integration allows you to take your website to a larger audience.

How to Start with Wix?

Wix offers a free plan for you to start with. However, most businesses will not prefer a Wix domain. The free site will also carry ads on a designated area on your site. It provides 500 MB of space and 1GB of data transfer. However, there are no limitations on the designing features on the platform. Premium plans start from $3.5 a month.
Overall, Wix offers a wide range of impressive features even while keeping its interface and editor one of the easiest ones to use. Its artificial intelligence based editor takes it miles ahead, making life much easier for those who want a website without getting into the technical aspects. Eventually, you can have a professional designed website without having to get the help of a website designer.

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