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The best video games of 2024

In 2024, the video game industry marks a transformative year with substantial technological advancements and notable game releases that enhance player experiences on various platforms. The integration of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, now more accessible and affordable, enables developers to create deeply immersive and interactive worlds. Additionally, the rise of cloud gaming has revolutionized access to high-quality experiences, allowing gameplay on low-spec devices and fostering a globally connected gaming community. This year also witnesses a significant evolution in narrative complexity, with games offering rich, emotionally resonant stories that challenge perceptions. Moreover, esports has seen a surge in professionalization and investment, solidifying its role in mainstream culture as traditional sports brands and media companies increasingly engage with the sector. Collectively, these developments make 2024 a pivotal year in gaming, characterized by technological innovation and broad cultural integration.

The best video games of 2024 reflect the industry’s innovative strides and the diverse tastes of the gaming community. Here’s a list of standout titles that have captured attention this year:

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

“Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown” marks a triumphant return for Ubisoft’s Montpellier studio, reinvigorating the classic franchise with a modern twist. This reimagined adventure from creator Jordan Mechner combines intricate exploration reminiscent of the Metroid series, presenting a richly detailed, maze-like palace that evolves as players progress. Praised for its precision and lack of extraneous elements, every aspect of the game is meticulously crafted, making it a standout release and a potential new benchmark in the genre, challenging the traditional “Metroidvania” label with its unique depth and design.

Tekken 8

“Tekken 8” emerges as a standout title in the fighting game arena, blending accessibility for newcomers with the eclectic charm that the series is known for. Featuring beginner-friendly controls alongside a diverse and whimsical cast—including edgy original characters and, notably, two bears—this installment offers a deep, limb-based combat system complemented by an extensive move list. Its story mode, described as the wackiest in the genre, embraces a variety of gameplay styles, narrated succinctly by the likes of Brian Cox. Enhanced by Unreal Engine 5’s graphical prowess and the innovative “Heat State” system, “Tekken 8” aims to redefine modern fighting games, maintaining its unique identity while striving to be the best of its kind this year.


“Palworld” initially sparked controversy for its similarities to Pokémon but quickly turned the tides to become a viral gaming sensation. This indie Japanese title blends survival mechanics with simulation-based interactions, where players build camps, explore vast environments, and bond with Pokémon-esque creatures known as Pals. Despite being in early access and showing some rough edges, “Palworld” offers a unique, light-hearted survival experience that stands out for its humor and multiplayer fun. Selling over eight million copies in just six days, it maintains a strong player base, proving its staying power beyond the initial hype.

Helldivers 2

“Helldivers 2” from Sony and Arrowhead Game Studios delivers one of the most entertaining multiplayer experiences in recent years, inviting players to immerse themselves in intense, “Starship Troopers”-style alien combat. This sequel revitalizes the original’s formula with a blend of over-the-top satire, strategic gameplay, and a visually striking setting dubbed “robot Vietnam.” The game’s appeal is heightened by its robust shooting mechanics, hilarious ragdoll physics, and friendly fire incidents, creating memorable and often humorous moments. With its deep strategic elements, including the stratagem system and varied enemy types, “Helldivers 2” has quickly become one of the standout shooters of the year.


“Balatro” captivates with its innovative blend of poker mechanics and roguelite elements, crafted by the solo developer LocalThunk. This indie game transforms the classic card game into a strategic and mathematically engaging “number go up” experience, where players chase the perfect hand using powered-up cards and creative scoring systems. Its appeal lies in the depth of strategy and the thrill of bending the rules to achieve astronomical scores, highlighted by the potential to unlock game-altering joker cards. With more than a million copies sold, “Balatro” stands out in 2024 for its endless replayability and the unique satisfaction of mastering its intricate gameplay.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

“Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth,” the ninth installment in the acclaimed series formerly known as Yakuza, continues to dazzle with its exceptional scripting and vibrant gameplay. Set in the diverse locales of Honolulu and various Japanese cities, the game expands its legendary mini-game obsession by introducing parody versions of “Animal Crossing,” “Pokémon,” and other popular titles within its world. The heart of the game lies in its protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, whose relentless optimism turns foes into friends, enriching a narrative that celebrates the power of camaraderie. Overflowing with content from whimsical fights to intricate mini-games, “Infinite Wealth” offers a sprawling RPG experience that brilliantly balances serious themes with lighthearted fun.

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2024 has been a landmark year for video games, showcasing an array of titles that push the boundaries of storytelling, gameplay, and technology. From the nostalgic yet innovative “Helldivers 2” to the strategy-infused card game “Balatro,” and the expansive RPG “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth,” this year’s offerings have catered to diverse gaming preferences and introduced fresh mechanics. These games not only exemplify creativity and development prowess but also reinforce the video game industry’s capacity to evolve and captivate a global audience with compelling narratives and immersive experiences.


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