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Why Knowing Some Programming Will Benefit You in Your Private Life

Codingfrightens the life out of many people and if you ask why, many will tell you it’s an intricate space. It’s true that you have to endure funny-looking digits, diagrams, and symbols and slave for hours, months or even years on your computer which is not bad at all. I know you want to yell ‘hell nooo!’, but before you hurt your vocal cord, take a moment and just look at how programming can turn around your private life.

Just before we delve into that, something else more important than ever to every coder today is picking the best laptop for programming. You will barely have anything to celebrate about if your laptop is shitty.

Great, let’s now get straight into what you need to know already.

Being organized

Software projects, huge or small, need a solid plan to bring them into life. Every software or program you see or use is a collection of smaller components and within each component lies a code(s) that packs specific sets of values or actions.

A programmer will draft a flow chart before he/she puts down any line of code. Writing down an entire program can easily turn into a test from hell. It will sap your energy and time leaving you overwhelmed.

A flow chart will simplify your work. It creates logic and in its diagrammatical representation, you will have easy time following it through. Without one, count the possibility of hitting a dead-end in your process high.

Isn’t this applicable in life? Your huge debt, business project, work project, name it, certainly need a solid plan to actualize. Just like in programming, sitting down to draft a flow chart and putting everything that matters down to paper will set the basis for success. A chart will help you to weigh your choices, decisions, and process and to finallyarrive at what you would call a solid plan.

Turning your dreams into reality

Don’t we all have dreams? At some point in life, an idea will hit your mind. So amazing will be the idea that you will want to act on it as fast as you can. Coming up with a program shares the same train of thought. An idea is generated and left to a programmer to turn it into reality. Of course you’ll come up with flow chats and throw in every effort needed to deliver successfully on your project.

Same process can be applied to life. Your business idea or other ideas you harbor in your mind need such help so as they can be turned to reality. Utilizing the skills you’ve nourished as a programmer will bring you closer to actualizing your ideas.

Time saving techniques

A smart programmer knows that he/she will possibly end up reusing some of his current programs to carry out similar future projects. For instance, if you have a program that converts Dollars to Euros, you can use it again in any future projects that require the same program.

Ever found yourself in a situation where you repeat the same thing over and over again? Well, you could use some of this knowledge to save time. Aut0mate your processes and tasks as this will save you time not to mention refining the efficiency of your processes or tasks.

Have a plan B

A programmer getting his feet went into coding will likely make a few mistakes or errors. Infinite loop is one of them, a state where the condition necessary to snap out of a loop never happens. In programming it’s recommended that a coder introduces a release valve of sorts instead of creating a loop. Should something go wrong along the way, this will be helpful.

In life, things can go wrong even after you’ve planned them out perfectly. So what’s the best thing to do? Simple. Think of the worst that could happen and then think of how you will take care of that.

Final Thoughts

You can reap really huge lessons from programming even beyond what we’ve looked at. Just the mere fact of knowing programming is enough to arm you with decent organisation skills, make you an effective planner, and best of all,turn you into a person who plots strategies and drafts plans that yield impressive results. So take the time to learn coding and pass this on to your child not forgetting that is all started with just getting a laptop.

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