Top 5 Android Apps for Dentists

With the exponential surge in popularity of Android smartphones owing to their wide range of benefits, every industry today has got their own set of related applications for use. Nowadays, some of the most intelligently designed Android software applications are being used by dentists too, for various purposes.

In this post Sandy from Platinum Dental Care in Livonia MI shares the top 5 useful Android apps that are hugely popular among dentists all over the world.

  1. CDT Code Check

The CDT Code Check that was developed by the American Dental Association is one of the most useful apps for dentists to look up procedure related codes that cannot be found in a CDT manual. This is especially useful for those dentists who have to attend clinics at different locations. A comprehensive library of CDT codes along with the recently added ones and updated codes are also found in this application.

CDT Code Check is available for all Android versions of 2.1 and upwards.

  1. Lexi-Dental Complete

For a handy and complete list of dental resources that include a library of drug details and effects, diagnostic and laboratory procedure details, dental health conditions and information on natural products, the Lexi-Dental Complete app is the perfect solution. Dentists treat this as the best handbook for dental emergencies that also contains Stedman’s medical dictionary for ready reference.

Lexi-Dental Complete can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial, on devices running Android 2.0 and later versions.

  1. MyDentist

MyDentist comes with inbuilt GPS features and is used by the patients to set up appointments with the dentists, get in touch to access information about pre and post-operative procedures. The built-in GPS functionality maps the dentists’ chamber for easy navigation by the patients. It also allows one patient to refer another patient to the dentists. Although a bit pricey, MyDentist app is very useful to enhance the dentist-patient interaction and make it more convenient.

This is available for Android versions 2.1 onwards.

  1. Dental Expert

The Dental Expert app has been developed by Cosmetic Innovations Inc. This has been specifically designed to educate patients about dental practices. A patient who is better informed about dental practices and their benefits will be better equipped to make a wiser decision when they need to visit their dentist for routine checkups and examinations. This will be beneficial for both the patients as well as the dentists.

All devices running Android 4.0 and up can download this application for free.

  1. Dentistry ProConsult

The Dentistry ProConsult application provides all dentistry students to refer to dental procedures easily and quickly so that they can carry it out in the best possible way at the clinic. This has been designed and developed by Georgia Health University it offers stepwise instructions as well as video instructions for each dental practice for the maximum benefit of the students.

Top dental apps for Android offer an effective approach to guide the dentists as well as the patients for better understanding and management. This helps to streamline expectations as well as improve cooperation and interaction between the dentists and patients to a great extent.

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