10 Best Android 2.2 Apps

In the recent past, there have been significant developments in the arena of phone software. The introduction of Android Software has revolutionized the use of a smart phone to great extent. The Security and the applications offered by an Android platform are incomparable. Android developers are critically acclaimed for making great android 2.2 apps. Some of the apps that have taken the market by storm are as follows:

Android 2.2 Apps

Face book for Android

Android 2.2 Apps

Face book has been the most used tool in the past and the current market. This has been ranked as the best among the android 2.2 apps. The mighty use and effectiveness of a social networking can be felt by an ample of people in the current times. Thus, Android also offers an incredible platform for the use of face book with their application based on this social networking site. This app is quite fast while synchronizing with the android platform. Though, the features of this app are not as vast as real Face book but the provision for inbox feature lets the users communicate between each other with ease.

National Rail Inquiries:

In a busy country, it’s always important to be informed about the train timings and availability. The race for tickets is quite hectic in big countries. This free android 2.2 apps thus enables the user to check the train timings, delays and the availability. This makes their journey more organized and avoids the unnecessary confusion.

UK Jobs:

With the stagnating job environment in Europe, this application helps the users to keep a check on the recent vacancies and the probable job posts. It serves as a portal to several job websites, thus making the process of job hunting easy and efficient.

Win amp:

Music is an important healer for stress and the android developers have come out with this incredible android 2.2 apps, Win amp that provides a great platform for music lovers to enjoy the tracks from all around the world. The notable feature about this app is that it synchronizes well with iTunes.

Samsung Chat On:

This app is quite similar to the blackberry messenger. It helps the user keep in touch with their friends from all around the world for free. This facilitates a smooth conversation between users without the stress about money.

BBC  News:

BBC has been the topmost news network for a long time. Therefore, android developers have come out with the application based on BBC News that brings out the latest news to the users on board. The best part about this android 2.2 apps. is that it’s completely free.

RAC Traffic

With the growing population and traffic, it becomes important for a person to be alerted about the traffic on the street he chooses to go.  Therefore, the android platform offers the app, RAC traffic that estimates the location of the user and gives the traffic update promptly.


This is the most popular app among music apps. It provides a pool of music to choose from and enables the user to listen to any track available on board. It also contains the profiles of the artists making this app more interesting.


This app synchronizes well with the social networking platforms such as face book and twitter and once a user clicks pictures on his phone, he can easily share them on the social platform using this android 2.2 apps.

Google Maps navigation:

10th on the list, this app is the most used by the android users. It generates maps for the users to help them navigate and guide their way to the destination. This android 2.2 apps is of utmost use while being in a ghost town where there are a very few people to guide the way to the destination.

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