Gadgets You need to work from Hotel Room

It’s always challenging to work away from home. Many of us especially bloggers usually stays in hotel rooms for different purposes. Thanks to the technology that we have many gadgets which we can use remotely and can make our hotel room like our home.

So I am going to list some of the important and handy gadgets that you should keep with you when you are going to live in a hotel room so that you can continue your work properly.

Universal Adapter

As you know if the battery of smartphones, laptop or tablet dies then you can not continue work. So whenever you are going on a business trip make sure that you should have a universal adapter with you.

International travelers will have to carry around plug adapters and voltage converters to keep their favorite devices up and running. Deals.Kinja

As universal adapters have different USB ports so you can charge all of your devices at a time. So instead of keeping the charger of each device, a single universal adapter can do the job for you.


As its always our best priority that we should stay in a hotel room which provides free WiFi. But there are still some hotels which don’t have wifi options in their services.

Although, you will have a wired internet connection but this will bound you to sit near the cable and you can not use your other wifi supported devices. So the best idea is to keep a wireless router with you, just connect the router with a cable and enjoy Wifi in your room.

It’s not necessary that you should have an expensive wifi router with you, instead, you can buy a top routers under $100 which can also do the job for you.


Keeping headphones does not only help you in a hotel room but also while traveling you can enjoy the music instead of getting bored. Your hotel may be situated in a crowded area so to keep yourself alone you can have headphones with you.

Now its depend on you which type of headphones you can afford. There are many noise canceling headphones but I will say instead of going for expensive headphones you can have some cheap headphones as well.

This is how you can listen to calls without any disturbance or can have online chat with your colleagues or can play games as well.

Extension board

Another problem that you can face in a hotel room is that they have limited power points. Even if they have many power points they may be spread in different places. It becomes really hard to leave bed just for charging your phone because power point is not close to the bed.

So to avoid these all consequences you can have your own extension board with you. This extension board will have enough power points so that you can easily charge your devices.

Wireless keyboard

If you are a programmer or blogger it means you need to do a lot of work on a computer. If you have a laptop then its good but what if you don’t have laptop?. Then you need to work on hotel provided PC.

So you can have your own wireless keyboard with you so that you can use PC by sitting on a bed. You can also have a wireless mouse as well. This wireless keyboard can also help you while playing games as well.There are many others usage of wireless keyboards as well.

So instead of using the wired keyboard just put your dongle in the device and enjoy wireless connection of keyboard. You can also use these keyboard with your tablets as well.

Alarm clock

Although smartphones have options to set alarms. But what if you have to attend a very important meeting on next day and your smartphone battery runs low or maybe you have a silent mode on.

There could be also the possibility that a single alarm device can not help you wake up from sleep. That so why have a smart alarm clock with you which is specially design for alarms. Keeping an alarm clock is not necessary but if you have an alarm clock then its good.

If you are a student then you should have an alarm clock because usually, students are more careless than others. It becomes really hard for them to wake up early in the morning and attend the lectures while living away from home.

Make sure you’re up and awake for those early morning lectures.


These are some of the important gadgets that you should have while living in a hotel room. Our comment box is always waiting for your precious reviews or tips. Although if you have any other gadgets that you think we must have in a hotel room you can comment below. We will include that as well in our next update.

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