7 Best Water Quality Apps

In a world where apps are invading every part of our lives, it is no surprise to learn they are helping us with water too. Campaigns are being launched for plastic free seas and oceans, to protect rivers, and most of all to develop clean drinking water as a global, human right. As part of this, developers are working on a range of applications to help test local water and to help map it, so users know where to go and what water they can interact with and drink.

Combine These Apps with Good Tech

Just remember, these apps are there to measure the quality of the water around you or to let you know where the good water for drinking or swimming is. However, they form just a small part of a global technology network designed to improve water quality and access to it. The fight is varied and ranges from simple filtration techniques and water pumps to non-chemical environmentally friendly treatment technology. The latter includes Universal Environmental Technology or UET as well as IoT inspired apps and gadgets which can gauge, track, and control water more than ever before. On top of this there are water security developments to try and protect this most vital of water sources from hackers.

The Top Water Quality Apps

These apps represent some of the best ones on the market right now. Do you know any better ones? Share them in the comments.

1. Safer Seas

This is the leading UK-based beach water quality app. UK beaches have developed from some of Europe’s worst to some of their best. The app alerts users to sewage overflows, untreated discharges, and other pollution incidents at 315 beaches across the country.

2. Know Your H2O

Founded by a professional geologist and soil scientist, Know Your H2O was designed to provide household drinking water information to both iOS and Android device users. It includes actionable information in conjunction with the Water Research Center website.

3. mWater

Created by a former NASA space water systems engineer (which pretty much generates a lot of kudos here) the device was made so Bangladeshi health workers could test, record, and map realtime water quality results. This app could easily be rolled out to health workers across India and other countries where contaminated water is a worry.

4. Swim Guide

Covering over 7,000 marine and freshwater beaches spread across America, New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico, Swim Guide is so far the ultimate charity app designed to help recreational swimmers know which beaches are suitable for them and their families.

5. CreekWatch

Another app for data gatherers, but this time in cities across America, this IBM developed app available on iTunes allows people to act as citizen reporters in a way. They have the power to test local water sources and record them. This has the potential to be the largest data gathering water quality app in America and the world if expanded.

6. H2OSolutions

Developed by Penn State University, this app is aimed at water system owners so they can evaluate and analyze cisterns, springs, and wells. The app is different to those above because it includes the ability to help diagnose noticeable water quality issues.

7. OasisPlaces

Would you like to know where to find free, safe drinking water? OasisPlaces is a locations app which not only maps the nearest water fountain, but also includes reviews and ratings, so you know if they are safe or not.

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