Guest Posting Services-The Only 360-Degree Digital Marketing Strategy

Guest Posting is one of the most sought after digital marketing strategies in the world. Almost all brands and digital marketing companies try to plan and execute a guest posting services strategy.

Guest Posting is the process of creating content and publishing it on some other webmaster’s website. You might be wondering as to why you should take all the trouble of creating an article, only to publish it on someone else’s website.

In order to increase your website’s authority, guest posting helps brands in-

  • Getting high quality backlinks in authority websites
  • Redirecting traffic from authority websites to your brand website
  • Helps in improving the metrics and health of the brand website
  • Increases chances of climbing Google’s search rankings
  • Establishes relationships and networks with industry authority webmasters

Given the above benefits, it is easy to see why guest posting services figure at the top of the digital marketing food chain. According to experts like Jeff Bullas, if your website is not attracting website traffic, it is better that you create original and quality content for an authority site which sees high volumes of traffic.

How to create the Perfect Guest Posting Services Strategy?

Even though brands and agencies are familiar with the advantages of guest posting, there are very few of them who are able to pull it off successfully. In other words, when it comes to execution, only the experts who have tons of experience in guest posting shine through.

In this section, we will look at ways in which, your brand and agency should plan a guest posting strategy for you.

1.      Decide on the goals for your strategy-

Most brands and agencies take a rather narrow dimension and view when it comes to guest posting goals. They only concentrate on the link building part on guest posting. However, if you really want to see your guest posting efforts flourish, try to pursue it in a holistic manner.

This means you should be able to engage with the authority site at all levels. By keeping your KPIs broad enough, you will be able to ensure long-term growth. This will go way beyond just getting quality backlinks. Try to build relationships, network, and engage with the webmaster.

2.      Pursue Guest Posting only in your Industry Niche-

According to Google’s quality guidelines, guest posting should contribute to value addition to a website’s user base. This means that you should only pursue guest posting in your industry niche. Agencies are frivolous when it comes to following this principle. Building links mean publishing in multi-category magazine sites.

This is not a good practice to pursue. This will open you to risks from Google’s side. No matter what your industry, you will always find high authority websites in your niche. Reach out to them with a stellar content idea, and see your guest posting succeed astronomically.

3.      Guest Posting as a White Hat Strategy-

Former Head of Google’s Web Spam Team, Matt Cutts announced in 2014, that spammy guest posting is dead. Like all digital marketing strategies, guest posting too has a grey side to it. There are many websites, which do not pay attention to Google’s quality guidelines and engage in black hat and grey hat strategies.

As a brand, by working with only the topmost authority sites and focussing on quality content, will you be able to follow white hat guest posting. Even though there may be monetary transactions involved, the key is not to compromise on quality at all costs.

4.      Create 100% Original Long Format Content-

Following the last point, it is essential that you always create quality content at all times. This will help you pursue a holistic guest posting strategy. In other words, content is what will help you get your foot in the door when it comes to authority sites.

It will also help you win over not only the webmaster, but also his users. Remember that winning website traffic is also critical. You would never want to place your website’s links in plagiarised articles. Google is going to come down hard on you for such mistakes. Quality content is one of Google’s top three ranking factors.

5.      Avoid Guest Posting with Link Resellers and Private Blog Networks-

When you will look to pursue a guest posting strategy, you will come across hundreds of link resellers. They will flood your inbox and messenger with websites and rates. Please stay away from them. They do not own any websites. Rather they are intermediaries who claim to own websites and place your links.

It is always a great idea to work with specialised agencies who offer guest posting services. Not only will you get experts and professionals executing your strategy, you will get a whole lot of peace. The best agencies work with only reputed and established webmasters and websites.


As compared to other digital marketing strategies, guest posting is not as easy as it looks. If you are looking to execute a guest posting strategy for the first time, I suggest you do your research. This involves finding out the best practices about guest posting.

For brands who are not experienced enough when it comes to digital marketing, I suggest you avoid doing guest posting manually or in-house. It will not only drain your resources, but it will also push back your ROI timelines.

By working with established agencies, you will not only optimise all aspects of guest posting, you will also be able to fix accountability.

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