What Amazon Device is Right For You?

Amazon has quickly come into the smart home hubs market with their different branded devices. These devices have the capability to control home appliances, music and day-to-day functions. With the use of Alexa, Amazon’s smart, virtual voice assistant, other smart hubs such as Google Home and Apple HomeKit are getting a run for their money.

But how do Amazon’s devices differentiate from each other? Here’s how:  

  1. Echo 

One of the most sought after automation devices, the Echo is perhaps the most popular in Amazon’s lineup. Like all of Amazon’s devices, it uses Alexa to perform hands-free voice commands, such as: control smart home devices (for the control of lights and appliances), play music (from Pandora, Spotify and iHeart Radio), give newscasts, give sports updates, order food for delivery, make voice calls and more. What makes this device even greater is it’s speaker system; which delivers 360º omni-directional audio. 

  1. Echo Dot 

The Echo Dot is the smaller, more compact version of the Echo. Its speaker is much smaller, producing 360º omni-directional audio that’s not as loud and crisp. Another difference is its need to connect to a pre-existing audio system via Bluetooth or its 3.5mm jack. However, like the Echo, the Echo Dot still performs many of the same functions, such as: control of smart devices (home automation hub), answer questions, give news and sports updates, play music and audible books, etc. This device is the cheapest of Amazon’s branded line of smart devices. 

  1. Tap 

The Amazon Tap is an Alexa-enabled, portable Bluetooth speaker with Dolby processing that’s great for playing music anywhere you go. It provides 9 hours of continuous playback (when connected) and 8 hours in hands-free mode.  When connected to an Internet connection such as Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot, it can use Alexa to perform the same voice commands and many of the features found in the Echo and Echo Dot. The main difference here is that it is portable. 

  1. Echo Show

The Echo Show is one of Amazon’s newer devices. It goes a step further to not only deliver smart hands-free voice functions, but it also provides video assistance to show you things. Watch videos on YouTube, watch the news, do video calls, see music lyrics, watch video surveillance etc. With eight speakers with Dolby processing, all audio is crystal clear. 

  1. Echo Look

The Echo Look is Amazon’s latest smart device. It has the same video capabilities of the Echo Show, but includes many additional video components such as a built-in camera, that records short video and takes full-length pictures. With the camera, there’s a “lookbook” function that lets you explore different styles. The “Style Check function” lets you to see what looks best on you. Beyond the camera, it too uses Alexa to do the same commands and playback as the previously mentioned devices. In addition to those, it can work with Fitbit (to see your stats), Starbucks (to make online orders), Google Outlook (to manage your calendar) and more.

As you can see, these different Amazon devices offer a variety of features, such as home automation, great audio and video. Also know that these devices are also compatible with smart devices such as Nest, WeMo, Samsung SmartThings, Hue and different home security systems. Which one is right for you? You decide.

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