6 Tech Tips Your Marketing Agency Should Know

Marketing agencies succeed by understanding consumer behavior and using their knowledge to produce results for their clients. A big part of remaining relevant and at the forefront of the marketing field is keeping up with the latest tech trends. Early adoption of new technology into your marketing agency’s arsenal can propel your brand and position you as a reputable and highly effective consultant.

With that in mind, let’s look at the 6 tech trends that you can implement today on behalf of your clients to boost their results and increase their confidence in your services.

1. Website Design

Website design has been a prime concern for companies since the dawn of commerce and brand-building on the internet. However, with the advent of mobile devices and with greater flexibility in what can be done, website design is providing greater opportunity for lead generation. For instance, micro-interactions are allowing businesses to make their content more engaging and offering their site’s visitors the ability to get a more personalized experience.

Micro-animation and the use of colors to invoke specific emotions are adding to a website’s ability to generate leads. Combined with an effective content strategy, a good design can be more than a visually appealing aspect of a business’s website.

2. Social Media

The social media landscape began with the creation of the big platforms that now host billions of users from across the world. Each platform created their respective ad network and data collection and analysis capabilities that marketing agencies can use to communicate with users in the most targeted manner possible.

One of the things to look out for in the years to come is the rise of alternative social media platforms that fill some of the gaps left by the existing players in the market. Pinterest has been on the rise and is being used more and more by businesses for promoting their products and services.

While you may already know of Pinterest, have you considered using TikTok? With over half a billion active users worldwide, the platform is nothing to scoff at. Its user base is younger in age with approximately 41 percent being aged between 16 and 24.

3. Lead Validation

Until now, generating leads for clients was good enough for marketing agencies. You could send leads in the direction of your clientele and it would be enough to guarantee you a contract extension. However, with new technology comes a capacity for greater qualification of leads. Sending your client a lead that is ready to buy, credit card in-hand is much better than attractive a mildly interested visitor that may or may not be willing to go through the sales funnel.

Businesses are intent on spending more of their budgets on attracting qualified leads and jumping on that trend can make your marketing agency a top priority in the minds of these prospective clients. By personalizing your clients’ message and offerings, you can attract hot leads for them, causing their conversion rates to skyrocket and your brand to rank higher in the marketing space.

4. Voice Marketing

The clunky voice interactions that mobile device users experienced when the technology first appeared is giving way to a smoother operation. As the bugs are worked out and devices are able to function with real-time voice identification, voice marketing will become more and more prominent in the marketing mix of brands.

The day when users will forego typing into their devices and instead use voice tech is not far off. A marketing agency that understands this and positions its clients as adoption leaders will be viewed as pioneers in the space.

5. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality started being tested in mobile games that were used to juxtapose digital objects with real-life landmarks. Today, the technology is used to provide additional information to virtually anything a company wants by using a mobile device as a type of decoder. This means that you can offer your clients’ customers a unique experience without having additional infrastructure or physical objects in order to create it. By using a simple printed poster, for example, you can offer a strong offer and call-to-action that elevates your clients’ conversion rates.

Augmented reality can be used to implement gamification or other types of exciting experiences that can only serve to make brands more attractive to audiences.

6. Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots on websites are one visible way in which artificial intelligence is being used to create a better and more personalized user experience. This is only the beginning of artificial intelligence being implemented in marketing. AI can be used to optimize email marketing campaigns, create appealing content for specific audiences, make personalized recommendations to customers and even replace conventional ordering processes at restaurants and other establishments.

Any marketing agency that wants to earn sustainable growth over the coming years will be using a mix of these tactics in their strategies. By understanding the underlying value of this new tech and not just resting on the features, you can set your marketing agency apart and gain a greater share of the market while leaving your competition behind.

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