Taking a Piece Of The Pie: Marketing Your Ecommerce Website For Success

Ecommerce has spread around the world like a virus of convenience allowing people to shop from home. The industry has spread as well as improved around the world with the ability to purchase groceries or have something delivered on the same day. Even smaller ecommerce websites can enjoy immense financial success when managed and marketed correctly. Carrying the right products is the first step but once this is done it is a rat race to manage and market the website to continually drive sales. Doing an honest assessment of the ecommerce website along with getting outside opinions needs to be done. This will allow you to create a strategy for the different changes to be implemented. Below are tips for managing as well as marketing your ecommerce website for success.

High Traffic Requires A Reliable Server And Host

The nightmare of every owner of an ecommerce website is to have record breaking traffic numbers for the server to go down as it could not support the traffic. A reliable server and host are not overly expensive when compared to lost sales that could occur. The security of the host as well as server should also be paramount as well as even the largest ecommerce brands in the world have experienced a hack at one time or another. Take a look at the reviews of different hosting companies as well as there are some that are far better for ecommerce than others. Loading times for pages can impact SEO so the host that is selected really matters in terms of closing the maximum amount of sales. Researching a host can make a huge difference and reach out to other owners of ecommerce sites to see what host they are utilizing. The ecommerce world contains a lot of comradery as long as it is not a direct competitor.

Checkout Needs To Be Simple Yet Secure

The checkout process of an ecommerce website should be modeled after those that handle millions of sales daily without security risk. Amazon is obviously the leader in the US in terms of volume of sales as they made their checkout process as easy as possible. The security of the checkout process must never be compromised just to make it easier. Small things like remembering payment details or the address associated with the order can help convert sales before the buyer overthinks the purchase. For items that remain in the checkout cart sending coupons via email can be the perfect way to convert this sale. The alternative is that the customer keeps the product in the cart until they no longer need it or purchase well into the future.

Link Building Needs To Be Done Consistently

The ecosystem of SEO is driven by quite a few factors with backlinks still be immensely important. These links can be generated in a variety of ways but the most powerful links are those incorporated into articles on relevant publications. A great option is to find a company that specializes in link building for ecommerce or a freelancer that does the same. The freelancer can generate results at a far more affordable rate in most cases as many freelancers that do link building have marketing agency experience. Be careful whether you hire a freelancer or agency as there are a number of both that might take a shortcut to produce immediate results that hurts the website in the future. Asking about the tactics that will be used is essential as blackhat SEO methods can lead to the website being penalized by Google. The production of quality content makes a link building campaign far easier as website admins are more willing to publish this content than generic poorly written content.

Focus On Customer Experience To Increase Customer Retention

The most important aspect to remember is that consumers are as educated as ever before. A lack of enjoyment or feeling frustrated during the shopping process can lead to a customer looking elsewhere for the same products permanently. CoreShop Pimcore eCommerce helps an ecommerce website offer the best B2B or B2C experience possible. Do not give a customer a reason to go to another website to purchase products that your site has available. Customer service is important for this reason as informing someone a product will be a day late is better done in a proactive fashion rather than address it after it is going to be late. On certain platforms like that of Amazon, customer reviews impact the rankings of products when a customer is searching for a product on the ecommerce giant’s website. Keep these as high as possible to the best of your ability but remember competitors might be purchasing just to give a negative review.

The management and marketing of an ecommerce business is going to have to be based on data as well as combine this with a detail-oriented approach. The ecommerce world is vast so finding a little corner to thrive can lead to financial rewards beyond your wildest dreams!

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