Best Encrypted Messenger! A Piece Of More Security

Are you sure that your correspondence in the messenger is not interested in cybercriminals? Nothing doing. People think that hackers are hunting for correspondence of presidents and accounts of Directors of corporations. But government agencies and corporations build sophisticated security systems: they used closed communication channels. But “ordinary” users communicate inconvenient and familiar messengers – not particularly worried about their safety. It costs nothing to hack them, so you can “click” dozens a day.

The consequence of such carelessness – hacking, leakage of confidential photos, the spread of viruses, fraud. To protect yourself from intruders, you need to use the best encrypted messenger that reliably protects all your correspondence from unauthorized persons – Utopia P2P ecosystem.

What is the problem with modern messengers?

In a normal messenger before delivery to the interlocutors, your messages fall into the hands of the server in an unencrypted form. Therefore, the owners of the messenger can provide access to your correspondence to anyone who has an interest in it.

Utopia P2P ecosystem is a whole closed system that ensures the safety and protection of anonymous correspondence on the Internet. It is built on the principle of decentralized peer-to-peer architecture and securely encrypts every user message. This means that all correspondence is not kept on a separate server of the system. Now every person is both a server and a client of the ecosystem at the same time.

What’s the point?

  • Encryption

Utopia implements encryption in both personal and group chats. This is possible thanks to multi-level encryption based on a high-speed Elliptic Curve 25519 that protects the data as well as a 256-bit AES that securely stores all of the user’s sensitive information.

  • Secure data storage

A personal key of each user which is generated for him during registration, provides access to the data.

  • Free communication

Registration is completely anonymous: there is no need to enter the personal data: phone number, name, email address. A user’s nickname is a personal key.

  • Familiar interface

All the usual functions of the messenger: group chats, stickers, photos and file sharing. Also, the user can create channels by interests, and mark them on the map – uMap. The interface is optimized for maximum efficiency.

Best Encrypted Messenger: Other Services

Idyll browser – gives opportunity to surf the net anonymously: there is no need to go away from the ecosystem and mark the other sites, now all sites are already in it. 

Electronic mail uMail – thanks to it, a person can conduct confidential business correspondence and send important files and documents of any format. 

E-wallet – uWallet it stores Cryptons – cryptocurrency of the ecosystem, using which the person can make any financial transactions on the network: from purchases to accepting payments.

Mining bot – provides an opportunity to increase the number of cryptons with the help of a bot that charges cryptons for every 15 minute session in the ecosystem.

The ecosystem supports all formats of electronic devices from Windows and IOS to Linux. All you need to get started in the ecosystem is uninterrupted access to Wi-Fi.

Do not hope for a chance in matters of Internet security. The best solution would be to take control and use the best secure messenger – Utopia P2P Ecosystem.

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