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Dedicated Servers-Expectations vs. Reality

Nowadays, dedicated servers are alluring options for enterprises or individuals looking for hosting or upgrade options. However, various myths exist regarding dedicated hosting. In turn, most people have mixed feelings on the feasibility of dedicated hosting. Only a balanced appreciation of dedicated hosting can clear these misconceptions. As a result, you will avoid setting up unrealistic expectations.

So, let us bust 6 of the most common myths about dedicated hosting

1.Dedicated Servers are Expensive

In its infancy, dedicated hosting was expensive for individuals and companies pretty penny to set up and run. Today, however, small enterprises increasingly depend on dedicated server providers to host new websites. Technological advancements have made dedicated server hosting affordable for a large section of the business community as well as for individuals.

2.That Dedicated Servers are Unreliable

A major concern with dedicated server hosting is that its infrastructure is unreliable. This might be true for people migrating from shared or stand-alone hosting environments to dedicated server hosting. Even so, this is not true for every instance. Choosing the right plan for your unique hosting needs eliminates any cause for concern. To top that, a majority of hosting providers typically provide dedicated round-the-clock support and customer service.

3.Loss of Server Control

If you need to retain control over your website, there are hosting options that cater for exactly that! Plus, you can select which control options to implement on your site. Apart from that, a number of customization options are available for those who desire hands-off hosting solutions. Whichever plan you settle for,we recommended you read more about dedicated servers before making your final decision. In this way, you will have access to technical support from your provider whenever a need arises.

4.Cheaper is Better

Obtaining low priced dedicated hosting services may be reason enough to brag of your bargaining skills. But in the long term, cheap options may present significant performance challenges well as other issues. Typically, dedicated hosting providers employ expensive equipment to provide quality service making this option initially expensive to begin with.

5.Proficient Technical Expertise

Though having basic working knowledge in servers is a plus, it is not necessary for working with dedicated servers. Dedicated servers require no specialized knowledge as most providers offer expedient support services. Your provider’s tech team can clear any lingering doubts you may have. Even if you are not proficient with server architecture, you can fully harness the power of dedicated hosting to your benefit.

6.Dedicated Servers and VPS are Similar Infrastructures.

This is another common misconception about dedicated servers. For instance, you could opt for a Virtual Private Server (VPS), a secure option in comparison to shared hosting. Even so, VPS shared hosting space between different users. Conversely, opting for a dedicated server lets you have complete control over your requirements, server performance, and administration.

And here we are after busting six of the commonest myths about dedicated hosting solutions. Also, this piece provided realistic viewpoints about this important hosting architecture.

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