Today’s entrepreneurs make the future with LINQ stores

Small and medium sized business owners often face the dilemma of not having an online presence to call their own when it comes to marketing their wares to the public. Websites are often too expensive to host, or too difficult to design and build, and hiring a web developer is not an option for a small business owner due to the expenses and various other maintenances.

In such a case, the best way to sell one’s goods would be to sell them in some sort of a virtual online site. This is where a startup called LINQ Stores comes in. LINQ has biggest of the brands partnered with them so that LINQ’s micro-entrepreneurs can sell them in their own franchised store where all these brands are under one single roof. More than half of the population is the target customer for LINQ Stores as that is the most untapped market of all. Below are top 3 reasons why LINQ is a place for you to take the step of opening a franchise business.

  1. Advantages for the seller and buyer

They offer an extremely smooth experience for both the buyer as well as the seller in terms of user experience, comfort, ease of use, and flexibility. The stores offer easy, hassle free returns for the buyer. It is a place where there is a proper price research option so that they may get the best product for their buck in the store. Proper price charts and comparison features are available both on the site as well as the retail store for the buyer to make an informed, wise decision regarding the product or service they’d like to purchase within their budget. 

  1. Advantages for a store franchisee

LINQ also encourages and uplifts budding micro entrepreneurs who want to open up their own franchises to market the physical wares that LINQ associates with. The Store offers a chance to be a global ambassador for the products sold on LINQ that too with minimal investment and basically no inventory risk from the brands.

Franchisees also have a wider reach in terms of their customer base because of the fact that their stores have a really wide array of products and services for the customers to choose from for their budget and needs. Our extensive partner base puts LINQ stores at a strategic advantage by helping the market propel the offerings and services provided to people across every nook and corner.

  1. Client rapport

LINQ has long been known for their extremely good rapport with their clients, both inner and outside. All the partners are a close knit network, and this helps the providers at LINQ offer solutions, stores and options that are thoroughly thought for the client. The store can then be used by retailers to offer extensive services to customers across Tier II to Tier V regions of India. The strong network also lets online sellers interact with the offline franchisees who are selling their products, in order to better equip them to sell the product more efficiently, or to customize the user’s experience on the physical end as well.

With all the services that it is providing to sellers and buyers across the country, LINQ is truly transforming the way India shops.

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