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Just the other day, my friend exclaimed with joy that her friend has gifted her a netbook. I too exclaimed with joy only to disappoint myself again that there exists  yet another tech machine which I am quite unaware of! For many such dummies as me, netbook is just another name of- something- useful obviously! A Netbook is nothing but a smaller laptop which is cheaper than laptops and mainly used for networking purposes. With this article, we are helping out the dummies as well as pros with a proper guide to buy a netbook.

tips before buying a netbook

Let us discuss the five tips before buying a netbook in detail.

Screen and Keyword Size, Resolution and Coating

Netbooks are small and hence their keys will also be small. What you have to check is that if the keys are easy to use and are not pressurizing your eyes too much. Netbbok screens are available from 7 to 12 inches. It is natural that bigger screen will allow you a better experience. The coating of the screen is equally important. Often glossy screens have a blinding effect when used outdoors. So buy your netbook according to your comfort access. For most netbooks, the default setting is 1024 x 600 pixels. This ratio will support most of the softwares, but if you require more resolution, check with the dealer if your netbook can support it or not.

Processor Speed and Cache Memory

The netbooks come cheap definitely but you should not compromise on the quality of the product. It is a known fact that netbooks have paltry processors. Their patent is 1.6Hz Intel Atom CPU. This processor is fair enough for small processing but for higher output, the greater range processor is required. On the run is AMD’s Athlon Neo CPU. The cache memory allows faster browsing. So check with the dealer about this feature too.

Hard Drive or SSD

Both have advantages of their own. Hard drives which use 2.5”  SATA consumer drive, can be upgraded or replaced as and when required. This facility is not available in SSD. SSD on the other hand will provide you better battery life and a shock protection which is extremely useful for users who treat their netbooks as cardboards!

Battery Size and Life

The size of the battery determines your battery life. Some works only for a couple of hours, while others can pull through up to 6- 7 hours. If you intend to work indoors, then battery life will not be such a problem, but if you want to travel with your netbook, check for a good battery life. For this purpose the heavier extended battery is also available.

Available Memory

Netbooks comes cheap because of this obvious reason. RAM size is 1GB only for standard netbooks. So, do not settle for anything less because of some bucks.


All these products are available from various sites with their features and prices listed appropriately. So being equipped with all the prior knowledge about netbooks available in the market, surprise your friend in buying him the best netbook available in the market!


Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I would like to hear from you- What are Your tips before buying a netbook.

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