First Programs to Install When Buying a New Mac

While buying a Mac you promise yourself to take best care of your gadget. So taking care of your equipment doesn’t mean keeping it clean and tidy from the outside but it also means that you are not clustering your Mac with unnecessary apps and software. However, there are a range of apps which should be a must-have in your Mac for the easy and quick functioning of your day-to-day activities. But you need to understand your needs and invest on only those apps which are required. Downloading those extra apps will not only take up that extra GB but even affect the speed of your Mac. Before you go out there looking up for the apps you should purchase and get super confused since all of them appear to be useful to you, we have listed down a few for you. These are the ones which are the must-haves in your Mac since we have tried collating various options. Some of them are:

  • 1Password: Do you have a long list of login data for various sites? If yes, you are very likely to get confused with your list of passwords. In order to deal with this problem, 1Password is your sole password manager that frees you from the burden of remembering those complicated passwords for different sites. It helps you put all this important data at one place which is just a click away making it accessible to you and making your Mac work better.
  • SuperDuper: When you are dealing with chunks of data and lots of important file without which you will not be able to function, you will need good backup. This not applicable just for Mac but others as well. To be double sure about not losing your data, you will need a backup of a backup. For this kind of surety, SuperDuper is one handy application which makes bootable clones of your startup drive. This helps you save your data and will not hamper your working even when you have a system failure, or formatting your Mac. However, this is a personal choice; you can find other backups as well. And as mentioned earlier if you want double backup then you can use a combination of various applications.
  • Macspro:Macspro is not a program to install, but a website where you can find important information about Mac processes, issues and programs. Here you can find answers to all of your questions.
  • Cocktail: And no, by this we do not mean the alcoholic cocktail but the application which provides quick and convenient access to many OS X settings which are normally hidden from the users. With such user access you can easily change your interface settings like choosing which items to display in the ‘Open Recent’ menu and where to exactly place the scroll bars on a window. It also gives an option to change the format of your image type as well. Apart from all this, it also provides a set of routine maintenances that can be run manually at regular intervals.
  • VLC: Obviously we all know what VLC media player is. It understands many audio and video formats and also gives you an option of converting in the format you need. It can be converted into an mp3 or an mp4 type. Also while converting, it makes sure the quality of the audio or video does not get hampered thereby providing always with good quality stuffs. It also provides an output multi-channel audio which acts like a surround sound while playing any video or audio. With a range of formats, it supports, VLC media player becomes the handiest tool for all your audio and visual needs.
  • Xcode: Are you crazy about creating your own applications without paying those extra bucks to the professionals who do it for you? If yes, this is the right thing for you. Xcode is Apple’s development environment for creating applications for Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and even iPad. It even gives you different language settings as well. Additionally, an editor also comes in with the package which assists you with any work related to coding.

We have tried to keep the list short and crisp without misleading you with any information regarding the software or application. This is genuine and authentic information which will take care of mostly all your basic needs. Know what works out the best for you and download accordingly.

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