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Six Reasons to Market Your Business Using Social Media

Each year, more people get on social media to share photos, messages and more with their friends, family and the general public. Social media is also an excellent tool for business owners who want to connect with more potential customers. Look at six reasons why you should market your business with the help of social media.

Get Customer Feedback

If your business has a social media account, you are able to get quick feedback from customers about various products. One customer may compliment your business and rave about the features of a particular product. Another customer may post a comment wishing you offered one of your products in more colors, sizes or styles. Whether the comment from a customer is positive or negative, you can take that information and use it to make your products better for everyone.

Build Your Customer Base

When your business has a social media presence, you have the opportunity to expand your customer base. One loyal customer of yours may refer a friend to your social media website. In turn, that person may read or see something they like and visit your store. From there, you may have another loyal customer in the making! Social media can serve as virtual word of mouth about your business. Plus, your business may pop-up on another social media page with content that relates to what you sell. This can entice someone who is looking at that page to click on yours to see what your business is all about.

Create Excitement Regarding New Products

A social media page is a great place to create buzz about a new product you plan to introduce in the near future. You may post an enticing description of the product or put up an intriguing image of it. Either way, you can get visitors to your social media page wondering about the product and anticipating its release in your online shop or bricks and mortar store.

Keep Your Customers Informed About Your Business

Maybe you’re expanding your line of products into a whole new area. Or, you have a new designer working on a collection of products that’s sure to please your shoppers. Your social media page can help you keep customers and shoppers up-to-date on fresh developments happening in your business. A social media page helps you reach a lot of people in an immediate way. Hiring professionals like those at BluehatMarketing can help you use your social media page to your best advantage.

Advertise Upcoming Promotions

Maybe you run a lot of enticing promotions to increase the sales in your online store or bricks and mortar shop. Free shipping or a large percentage off your total purchase price are both promotions likely to attract more shoppers to your business. In fact, people visiting your social media page who have never shopped at your store may be prompted to take a look because of these appealing promotions. In short, advertising promotions on your social media page may lead to an increase in your store’s bottom line.

Boost Travel to Your Website

Making an interesting, engaging social media page can prompt people to visit your store even if they aren’t looking for the types of products you sell. They could be curious about your prices, style options, designs and more. Furthermore, they could have a need for your products at a future date. They may simply drop by your website to check out the quality of your inventory. Social media gets the word out about your business and can contribute to future sales.

Lastly, social media is a tool for businesses that want to survive in the high-tech atmosphere of the 21st century. Learning how to use a social media page to stir up new business while keeping your loyal customers can help you stand out in your industry.

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