Top 7 Benefits Of Using Selenium For Automation Testing

Automation testing has become a critical part of every software development project. Many companies have already started using qa automation testing services to ensure consistency and reliability in the testing process. Of all the automation test tools available, Selenium is one of the most popular and frequently used tools to test web apps. If you’re wondering what makes Selenium so popular or why it is such a hot favorite automation tool, the answer is quite simple. It offers many benefits that make it so popular, given below are 7 of them.

  1. Free & Open Source

Selenium, as an open-source, increases accessibility sharing and developers to expand and alter code snippets. It helps testers to save a lot of time while doing testing. Selenium continuously allows testers and software developers to automate browser functionality. It also lets them build an application with code quality and increase the functionality of source code. Selenium has become the most popular automation tool due to the simplicity of creating test scripts to verify functionality.

  1. Multiple Languages, Frameworks, and OS Support

Multiple language support is one of the most useful advantages of Selenium WebDriver for automation testing. WebDriver supports all programming languages such as Python, PHP, Java, C #, Ruby, JavaScript, etc. It can be linked to any existing programming language and adds versatility for web developers to work on their preferred programming language. Selenium WebDriver incorporates various operating systems such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. Selenium Webdriver can be implemented with several frameworks to compile the source code.

  1. Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing

One of the most important benefits of using selenium for automation testing is that  Selenium WebDriver has enhanced support for automated cross-browser testing. It supports all major browsers to test Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and several others. Help across several platforms is another significant advantage of Selenium WebDriver. You can write automated test cases for testing on different mobile devices such as iPhones and Android, helping resolve cross-browser testing challenges.

  1. Keyboard and Mouse Pointer Feature

In software development, a situation might arise where features and behavior differ from browser to browser. If you use an old browser, there will be several features that may not function as desired. You cannot run a manual test to search your computer for different versions of OS, browser-versions, and browsers. Thus, automated browser testing that uses the Selenium Grid system will simulate keyboard and mouse simulations. With the help of this feature, you can automate mouse click, drag and drop keyboard events, click and hold, select multiple objects, and so on.

  1. Reusable Test Suites

Scripts that are written with Selenium WebDriver facilitate browser compatibility testing. Therefore, a tester needs to run several test scenarios with WebDriver because they ensure all testing functionality aspects. Selenium Automation Test Suites are interchangeable codes and can be tested across various browsers and operating systems. But in case, Selenium does not solve all shortcomings of the web automation testing method. You have the option to use third-party frameworks and add-ons to increase the effectiveness of the tests.

  1. Selenium Server Not Required

A significant advantage of Selenium WebDriver is that there is no need to launch a server until you start testing. In the Selenium web driver, the server does not have to start running the test files. The instructions provided in the code will be interpreted as WebService methods, as well as the Remote Driver will accept the HTTP request and activate it in the window, and afterward deliver the reply message.

  1. Running Parallel Tests

Automated testing aims primarily at reducing cost and time. You can run several test scripts in parallel using Selenium Grid, and it helps to minimize the execution time.  Also, it lets you parallelly monitor thousands of browsers with cloud grids’ assistance for cross-browser testing using Selenium, therefore reducing your time and efforts.


Depending on the level of sophistication of the test activity concerned, whether it is an application or a web page for which the script is written, you can select the comprehensive features available on Selenium. Its simple-to-use GUI makes it easy to build exploratory tests. For newer projects, Selenium WebDriver, with an automated testing suite, can ease up your testing process with less manual efforts.

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