Top jobs you can get after obtaining an AWS certification

If you have worked with cloud computing, you must know about Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is undoubtedly the top cloud services provider in the world with 31% of the market, as of July 2020. AWS certifications, that validate your expertise on the AWS platform, are among the most demanded IT certifications. Through these certifications, you will be eligible for a multitude of AWS jobs.

Regardless of what role you work in, developer, application architect, Big Data analyst, system administrator, database admin, or sales professional, AWS certifications will help you have a successful career. In this article, we will be discussing the top jobs you can get after obtaining an AWS certification:

  • AWS Cloud Architect

This position is directly connected with the clients and the engineers and provides an interface between the technical leadership and the stakeholders. As a Cloud Architect, your responsibility will include supplying technical architecture and lead implementation efforts. You will have to ensure that the organization adopts the interspersion of the latest technologies. To be an AWS Cloud Architect, you must have the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification and have a thorough understanding of Cloud Computing.

  • SysOps Administrator

The job of an AWS SysOps Administrator involves deployment, operation, and management of systems on the AWS platform. You must be an expert in deploying and managing product operations on the cloud. To validate your expertise, you need to get the AWS SysOps Administrator certifications as it will significantly improve your chances of getting the job. It will not only add a credential to your CV but also help you get a better income.

  • Cloud Developer

The position of a Cloud Developer involves developing software solutions and applications for enterprises. So, apart from experience in software development, you should also have knowledge of the AWS platform. Having the AWS Developer – Associate Certification will open doors to a lot of opportunities for you and help bring your career to the next level.

  • Cloud Sales & Purchase Manager

As a Cloud Sales & Purchase Manager, you will be working on increasing the adoption of AWS in the organization. For this role, you must have experience with AWS Cloud sales/purchase, a technical background, and leadership skills. This position allows you to play an important role in growing, driving, and shaping the future of creative and advanced technology. To get this job, it is recommended that you have the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification as it will help you engage with the IT architects and software developers working on the AWS platform.

  • Cloud DevOps Engineer

At this position, you will be working as a senior developer with expertise beyond development. You must have knowledge of system deployment and network operations. The job of a DevOps engineer involves handling code releases. Also, they have to work with other professionals like software developers, system operators, and the production technical team. Once you have a deep understanding and hands-on experience working on the AWS platform, you will be eligible for a number of AWS jobs. Today, companies want Cloud DevOps Engineers for setting up a DevOps culture. So, if you have an AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification that validates your skills, your chances of securing the job will significantly increase.

  • Key Account Manager

The responsibilities of a key account manager include the sales management of cloud servers, storage, and products. You will be managing customer accounts for completing the targets of expedient purchase decisions. Also, you will have to drive revenue, market penetration, and adoption while managing a diverse customer base. So, if you have experience working in sales, purchase, or managerial roles and have an understanding of AWS clouds, this role is for you. It is recommended that you get the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification for validating your skills and taking advantage of the plethora of opportunities available in the market.

  • Cloud Software Engineer

Having knowledge and experience working with programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and C++ will help you in growing your career with AWS. Your ability to design, develop, and implement software or systems on the AWS platform will make you eligible for the different AWS jobs. With the AWS certification in your CV, you will be validating your software development skills as well as standing apart from the crowd. You can start with the AWS Developer – Associate certification and then move on to the professional level certification for more opportunities and growth.

  • AWS Networking Specialist

If your skill set involves designing and implementing hybrid networking or advanced AWS projects, there are several AWS jobs waiting for you. All you need to do is get an AWS certification and validate your skills and experience working on the cloud integration projects. The recommended certification for this role is the AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty. Cloud networking engineers with AWS certifications are in huge demand right now. The certification will help you make the most out of these opportunities.

  • AWS System Integrator

As mentioned above, AWS is among the most popular cloud services providers offering storage, networking, messaging, and infrastructure services to clients from all over the world. There are several businesses and government organizations that are dependent on AWS for their services and solutions. This has increased the demand for system integrators who can handle deployment and troubleshooting of AWS applications. With the AWS certification, you will have a thorough understanding of the AWS platform, cloud services, information systems, and applications. Also, you will be able to validate your skills and be eligible for several AWS jobs.

  • AWS Big Data Specialist

As an AWS Big Data Specialist, your job will include designing and implementing big data services in your company to derive value from data. However, for this position, you must have significant experience working in data analytics. You must have a background in architecture along with knowledge of AWS big data services that can help organizations in analyzing and maintaining data. Becoming an AWS Certified Big Data Specialist will increase your chances of getting the job.

AWS is growing its services continuously and creating new jobs. In the future, AWS will also release new certifications for different domains to help the IT professionals get expertise in the new services. After passing the AWS certification exam, you will be eligible for all these roles. What you need to do is get AWS training and you will be able to grab a recognized position and higher salary in your field.

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