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Is Cuelinks Good For Indian Affiliate Blog Or Website?

One of my favorite way of making money is via an affiliate program. No doubt that Cuelinks is one of the simplest and easiest affiliate program where publishers can monetize their blog or promote products and earn commission on each sale. There are few other affiliate networks which pay good commission on sales, but they are not perfect for Indian traffic. Cuelinks is also an international affiliate network which is now available in India also, but is it really worth trying? Or just a waste of time? It’s time to find out. So read the article till the end to know the answer, By the way, let me inform you one thing, the answer to this question is not gong to be Yes Or No type. I will mention all the details like pros or cons etc. in this article.

Interface And Dashboard Of Cuelinks

I personally like the dashboard of cuelinks which shows the whole summary of your affiliate progress in an easy way, and it is very easy to understand. Cuelink’s interface is really simple, and anyone can become familiar with it in just a few days of use. You can see details like next payment date, lifetime commission you earned via sales, Commission earned in the current month, etc. It’ll also show stats of the amount of clicks you’ve got on affiliate links or non-affiliate links.

Commission Rates?

I won’t say that Cuelinks is the largest i.e., network, but yeah it has a good number of merchants which you can see in the merchant lookup section. The commission rates are slightly less than other affiliate programs, and also there will be a deduction of 5% in the payment as TDS. There are different ways of earning commissions in cuelinks. In commission aspect, cuelinks is not okay. If you can compromise with that, then cuelinks could be the best choice for Indian traffic.

How Good Is there Payment System?

You can withdraw your commission in two ways, either via cheque or wire transfer. I personally used the wire transfer mode to receive payments. Once you reach the minimum threshold i.e Rs 500, you can raise a payout request. If the date of payout request is between 25th to 9th, then the payment will be settled on 10th. If the date of payout request is from 10th to 24th, then the payment will be setled on 25th. As i said earlier, there will be 5% TDS deduction in the payment.


Cuelinks must increase the commission rates in order to become the best affiliate network, as of now it is not good in my opinion. If you could compromise with the commission rates, then go ahead and try cuelinks. Hope you will find this article useful, share it with your friends who are having blogs which is having Indian traffic. If you have any other doutbs or suggestions regarding cuelinks, feel free to comment it below.

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