NEET Online v/s Classroom Preparation- Pros & Cons

Cracking competitive exams like NEET is not going to be easy. Be it NEET, JEE, or any other competitive examination; preparation is the key. Students have to put all of their efforts and prepare for these exams in order to master them. The one thing that most of the aspirants are confused about is whether to opt for online coaching classes or enroll themselves with any coaching institutes. This is a pretty tough choice, and student’s performance depends upon this choice. In this article, you are going to see the pros and cons of both online and classroom preparation.


NEET Online Preparation:


  • Self-Studying Option: There are so many students out there who prefer to prepare by themselves. According to some research, self-study has proven more effective when compared to studying with a group. So, if a student wants to study all by himself/herself and can grasp the things that way, then online preparation can be a great pick.
  • Affordable- NEET preparation is costly, and there is no denying in that. It is a tough exam, and you need expert guidance for that. The coaching centers usually charge a hefty amount for the same whereas the online coaching centers provide some good deals. If you are having a bit of time crunch, you can go with an online coaching option.
  • Great study materials: You can get everything online. You will be able to get your hands on the best study materials with just a click. Online websites have a lot of free resources too. From NEET questions to mock tests, everything is available online.


  • Lack of availability: The Internet is everywhere, but it is not reaching effectively in remote areas. Students who want to prepare for the exams online can’t do it because of improper internet connection or lack of equipment like a laptop or a smartphone.
  • No personalized attention: You can get everything online other than personalized attention. Online coaching lacks proper mentorship.
  • A lot of information: You will find a lot of information online, and at times, this information may confuse you too.

Coaching Centers:


  • Mentorship: This is the biggest advantage. Coaching centers usually appoint experts for NEET, and you will get to be a mentee for them. They will provide you with the required guidance and assistance for the exams.
  • Study Material: You may find a lot of information and study material online, but you cannot compare it with the material curated by experts. The faculty will use their expertise in designing the best study materials that will provide you with all the information that you need.
  • Keeps you disciplined: You will have a disciplined educating environment with coaching classes. This is very important. You have to attend classes on time, prepare as they tell you to do, and put in all the efforts.


  • Substandard Teaching Standards: Not every coaching institute that touts them as best in the market is good. There are some coaching centers that will hire faculty without much expertise to teach students. This will affect your performance in the examination. You have to be careful about choosing the right institute.
  • No personalized focus: Although the coaching centers charge a huge amount, they always focus on teaching to an entire class. There are so many situations where more people were stuffed in a classroom just with the sole purpose of increasing revenue. These coaching centers often compromise quality and standards over quantity.

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