Cloud Computing

Few Things to know before starting your career in cloud computing

The world is going online and that is the reason why cloud computing is suddenly getting so much of attention globally! Cloud computing has changed the way organizations work. It has helped companies to offer extra facilities to the users without increasing their cost. The term CLOUD is used for the services that are offered through widespread internet. If you have been thinking of exploring career opportunities in Cloud Computing, you would have to first know what exactly it means!


What does Cloud Computing mean?

Cloud Computing means sharing of computer resources via internet. The important data and applications are stored on multiple servers to provide access to the users via internet. Cloud works as the common platform for various services like storage, applications and servers that are offered to the user via internet. The best example of cloud storage is Dropbox.

How would Cloud Computing benefit the user?

The main advantage of cloud computing is the virtual storage space it provides to the users. Users can store images and documents online. Companies can also offer their services and applications on cloud. There are many benefits of Cloud Computing that together make this service so popular. Some popular benefits include –

  • Money Saver –Cloud storage turns out to be a big money saver for the companies as they are no more required to invest in larger storage. They save a lot on high storage servers and hardware.
  • Automatic Updates – When the applications and services are stored on internet, the updates are made automatically. There are no geographical barriers affecting the access and updates of the application.
  • Checks Unauthorized Access –Cloud keeps the data secured and safe. It checks unauthorized access to the data. Even the most important data can be stored on cloud without worrying about loss or modification.


Apart from these benefits, cloud also provides flexibility and enhances performance of the business. One can be part of this new age Cloud Computing profession by acquiring certain skills through detailed training program. You will have to take up diploma or masters diploma in Cloud Computing or Engineering in order to get well-versed with this new age technology.

Skills required to get trained for cloud computing

Getting trained for cloud computing would not call for any professional expertise in this field. One should be having IT background or basic knowledge of computer to take up this career path. The basic knowledge of this field would also allow you to take up administrative profile, but if you are planning to grow in this field then think of getting technically trained. The technical profile of cloud computing requires detailed knowledge of cloud engineering that can be acquired through professional training courses.

Companies seek professionals who can develop the cloud technology befitting their enterprise and can ensure the strategic development of the same. One would be able to work as “Cloud Architect” or “Cloud Solution Architect” on finishing such training programs. Those already working in the IT field can also opt for such trainings to give their career a healthy turn into Cloud Technologies.

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