5 Gadgets Your Remote Team Needs

The remote working revolution is well and truly here, and it is here to stay! 

While many offices have found themselves being thrust into the world of working from home and remote work, there are now thousands of employees across the country who have realized they can do their work from home without needing to commute to an office every day, and many do not want to go back. 

The New Normal Of Work 

It very much looks like working remotely or working from home is here for the long haul for a lot of businesses, and besides the boost in morale, there are a few financial benefits too, including a reduction in office space rental costs. 

One of the most important things about going remote is to keep your team happy. Just because you cannot see your team in person every day, it does not mean they are not there and they are not frustrated. 

Here are five gadgets your remote team needs to thrive during their new work from home existence. 

A Dedicated Work Laptop 

A few employers asked for their employees to use their own laptops and computers at the beginning of the pandemic, but now almost a year on you really need to be investing in those employees by sending them a dedicated work laptop. 

Choosing a brand like lenovo laptops will ensure you get reliability, speed, and a great variety of devices to choose from, allowing you to better match the equipment needed for the job being done. 

A Second Monitor 

Having a dedicated workplace is what many remote employees try to do. It is good for their mental health to be able to separate work and personal life from each other. 

A second monitor is a great way to visually create that separation as well as double the effective working area for your employees. Once someone switches to a dual monitor setup, they are unlikely to want to change back any time soon! 

A Good Set Of Headphones 

The kids running around making a nuisance of themselves, the dog barking, the sound of cooking going on in the kitchen, these are all problems the remote worker faces on a day-to-day basis, and they are exacerbated during a quarantine situation too. 

Help your employees out by getting them a pair of decent headphones or earbuds with noise cancellation. As a bonus, these are usually much better when it comes to the audio side for Zoom calls than a laptop’s own microphone and speakers. 

A Higher Quality Webcam 

Speaking of Zoom calls, when was the last time you had a call and the picture was really good? The normal answer to that is “never”! 

Many laptops do not come with amazing web cameras and, for a few dollars, a decent high definition (1080p and above) webcam can make all the difference to your Teams meeting. 

A USB Hub 

A little device with so many useful options. If you want your employees to have some flexibility, throw in a USB hub so they can plug more things in.

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