5 Nifty Tricks to Shop Faster and Better Online

I love shopping, online! I’m sure you do too. And if you spend anything like the kind of time I spend shopping online, you must know “time” is something we need to learn to use better while e-shopping.

The problem is, on an E-commerce platform, there are thousands of products, and then another thousand color-combination for those products, price-range and other details as such.

And it all comes down to hours of time being wasted and a lot of confusion while deciding and zeroing in on the product we want.

So I figured out lately that I’ve got to start “shopping faster and better”, and I came up with some tweaks and tips I’d love sharing with you folks over here.

Google Search:-

I’ve always felt that instead of searching on the “E-commerce Platforms” directly, you should search for the product you want on Google, go over the Platform and buy it.

It might not seem like a lot over text, but trust me it totally narrows down your confusion.

You search for the product, you go over the website, and you buy the product.

While what happens with normal E-commerce searching is that, when you search for “Famous Five Books”, you’ll get a hundred books from the same author, the same title or related products in the least.

Instead search on Google for :- Famous Five Book 19 Flipkart

It would bring you much concentrated results, thus helping you shop faster.

Use Filters:-

Many people tend to ignore the filters on E-commerce platforms.

Well it’s the 21st century, why not use the advancements technology has brought forward to us?

When you use filters, you don’t have to keep scrolling till you find the products in your budget.

You don’t have to keep scrolling till you find the right colors for you or the right brands.

You just select these features from the filter, and hit search once and for all.

Use Coupons:-

As far as “shopping better” is concerned, I just feel shopping without a preliminary Google search for coupon codes is just sheer waste of money.

You’d be surprised with the kind of discounts which are going on almost round the year on E-commerce platforms.

Just search for your E-commerce Platform along with “coupon codes” on Google.

Use Product and Price Comparisons:-

There are many websites on the Internet which would compare your product on all the different E-commerce platforms and get you the list.

Then you can decide which E-commerce platform to go with. Point being, the same product is sold for different prices on different platforms.

So instead of searching on those websites directly and finding out that a certain product isn’t available, it’s better to use this comparison websites.

They not only help you get “cheapest possible price”, they also save your time as you won’t be shown websites where the products aren’t available, so they also server as a “bulk search” tool.

Be an Affiliate Yourselves:-

This is more like the “next level thing”, many people take this up as a career option, but anyway you can use it on a personal level as well.

You can signup as an affiliate on almost all the major brands. And if you live in a neighborhood where online shopping is popular, you just pass on your link to your friends and family.

Everytime they shop, you make money. You can either use that money on the sites to buy products, or cash it out as real dollar bills. It’s your choice.

Final Words:-

So that’s all I would say for this piece. Do let me know if you’ve got any other tricks up your sleeves.

Not to mention that I’m all ears to know which method you liked from this article, do use the commentbox and let us know.

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