Tips for improving performance of your aging Android smartphone

As your Android smartphone becomes older, it might have troubles with functionality. Let’s take a look at ways to improve the performance of your aging smartphone throughout its lifetime.


Always charge the battery completely. Similarly, allow the battery to completely drain out of power. By going to these extremes, the battery will develop healthy energy patterns and avoid any wasted power. When you constantly plug and unplug the charger into an outlet, the battery life gradually becomes shorter. Because of large usage during the day, it is understandably difficult to allow depletion. Nevertheless, this pattern is optimal for the best performance. In addition, replacing the battery itself can be a smart move. When the Android is forced to use an inefficient battery, the phone will deteriorate because of stress on the internal system configuration. Here is a good read on most common battery myths.


Using a case will protect your smartphone from damage. Even though the exterior of your phone may appeared unscathed, it begins to wear from natural causes. If the interior of your phone becomes dislodged, its performance will drastically diminish. Cases are sturdy accessories that are great to protect aging smartphones. Before buying a phone, compare prices to see which ones include a case inside the bundle. It is a terrific accessory.

Memory usage

Delete unnecessary applications from the phone. While you might have storage room for a number of applications, idle ones consume valuable data. There are different systems for Internet connections and independent Android applications. Remember that you can store apps on your computer and still have access to them at will. Phones will larger memories are more susceptible to this problem due to cloud-based storage. If you link your phone to an online database, it is possible to examine exactly which apps use up the most space and how to delegate memory efficiently. Developers also produce software to clean up your Android for you, which eliminates hours of manual work.

External conditions

There are a number of environments where you Android thrives. Electronics perform best at room temperature. If you use your smartphone in extreme heat or cold, the extreme climate could negatively effect internal synapses. Phones are also best suited to sparse, intermittent usage. If you play with your Android for hours on end, the microfibers can wear and performance is at jeopardy. At ideal conditions, a phone can last for up to two hundred more hours than at perilous conditions. Before you take out your smartphone, think about external factors that could be detrimental. Mobile prices in India do not account for these unfortunate situations, so take advantage of this oversight and choose your environment wisely.


Smartphones can have extremely long lives, but only if you treat them correctly. Use these techniques to prolong your phone’s life and avoid extra costs.

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