Apple forces recycling suppliers to shred gear

Apple released its environmental progress report for 2017. The news is basically optimistic as you would expect from a self-prepared report. Apple claims it wants to have its future products to be fully recyclable. The report reads as follows:

“Traditional supply chains are linear. Materials are mined, manufactured as products and often end up in landfills. We believe our goal should be a closed loop supply chain, where our products are build using only renewable resources or recycled material. We already have programs in place to ensure the finite materials we use in our products are sourced reasonably through strict standards and programs on the ground that drive positive change”.

So, what Apple is basically telling is, in the near future you can have new apple products that are build using the old ones and are 100 percent recyclable and you cannot figure out the difference. This is a very ambitious and futuristic goal set by apple. It might actually cost apple more than the traditional new material design until the recycling method is efficient.

Knowing how tons of smartphones go into landfills every year and knowing that Apple sells millions of products every year, this sort of efficiency would be more than welcome and it will force other OEM’s to develop and come up with their own recycling programs. This would be a way better future, indeed and everyone would love to be a part of it.

Till now Apple used third parties for their recycling issues and found that not all of their Mac Books and iPhones were getting recycled. This is when they decided to take the matter in their hands.

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